Best Italian Names for Girls: From Common to Strange to Popular

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There’s no shortage of unique and beautiful Italian names for girls. Today I’m sharing my top ten favorites, plus popular, common, and strange Italian girl names that will make everyone who hears them think “what a great name.” 

Now all you have to do is choose one!

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Tips for Choosing the Right Name for Your Baby Girl

Before I share with you my top ten list of Italian girls names, here are a few tips for choosing the right name for your baby girl.

  • Consider your family heritage and culture. It’s a great way to pay homage to both you and your child’s background (and hopefully an interesting topic of conversation for them when they’re older).
  • Don’t let current trends decide, remember you are naming your child for their lives not just the year they were born!
  • Avoid names that are too common and stick with one that is memorable. You want people to say “oh what a beautiful name!”
  • Make sure it fits with your surname. No matter how gorgeous you may think a name sounds, if it doesn’t fit with your last name then change it!

Italian Baby Girl Names: My Top 10 List for 2022

These ten beautiful Italian names for girls are some of my personal favourites. These are by no means the only options, but they should get you thinking about some new possibilities. 

  1. Alessia
  2. Bianca
  3. Amara
  4. Aria
  5. Ginevra
  6. Claudia
  7. Mafalda
  8. Ambra
  9. Elisabetta
  10. Camilla
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5 Popular Italian Girls Names

Popular Italian icons such as Sophia Loren and Donatella Versace are often portrayed in the media, but many female Italian names remain unknown and are not considered when searching for baby girl names.

These are my five favorite pretty Italian girl names that you might consider naming your child.

You might notice that all these names end in the letter A with the short vowel “a” sound rather than the long vowel A.

  1. Nadia – A very beautiful baby name of Arabic origin meaning “hope”.
  2. Gabriella – The Italian version of the baby name Gabrielle, which comes from the Hebrew language and means ‘hero’.
  3. Valentina – A hot baby name with origins in the Latin word valens, meaning ‘healthy and strong’. Valentina is also a Spanish girl’s name.
  4. Isabella – A baby name with Hebrew origins meaning ‘pledged to God’.
  5. Sophia – In Italian, this name means “wisdom”. Sophia is considered a baby girl name of both Italian and Greek origin and since then it has gained popularity in various cultures around the world.

5 Common Italian Names for Girls

These fantastic Italian female names are pretty popular and quite common, especially amongst some of my friends. Did you realise these names had Italian origins?

  1. Giulia – Giulia means ‘war’. This is an Italian female name with Latin origins.
  2. Luce – A baby girl name that means ‘light’ in Italian and has Latin origins. 
  3. Lisa – A name with Germanic origins, but pretty popular in Italian families too. Lisa is a baby name meaning ‘devoted to God’.
  4. Luisa – Luisa means ‘famous warrior’ and is an Italian name with Germanic origins.
  5. Maria – This name has biblical origins and means ‘the sea of bitterness.’ It is the Italian version of Mary.

5 Strange Italian Girl Names

Are you looking for unique Italian names for girls? These baby girl names are a little bit more unusual, but I think they sound really cool!

  1. Dia – Most baby names have Celtic origins, but this Italian name has Latin origins and means ‘goddess’.
  2. Giusy – Another baby name with Latin origins. Giusy translates to ‘the earth’ or ‘blood of Jesus’.
  3. Leti – This name has Latin origins and is a baby girl name meaning ‘blind’ or ‘perceived’.
  4. Antonietta – This name means ‘the one who listens’ and is of Latin origin.
  5. Caterina – Another Italian baby name with Latin origins, this one means the same as Catherine – it’s just dipped in some Italian flavour!
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Will Your Baby Have an Italian Name?

Have any of these Italian names for girls sparked your interest? I have chosen these Italian names for girls because they are some of the most popular amongst Italian people. The list has been created by me based on research and feedback from friends and strangers.

Please share your favourite name in the comments below or let me know if I’ve missed a favorite Italian name that you would like to see.

Happy Naming!

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