30+ Uncommon Girl Names You Will Love

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What makes a unique baby girl name? It might be the spelling, the sound, the meaning, or just that it is rare. These uncommon girl names are sure to set your child apart from the crowd!

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Choosing the Right Name for Your Baby Girl

Picking your child’s name might be one of the hardest things you’ll have to do as a parent. You want something unique but not too far out there. You want your child to be able to spell and pronounce their name with ease, but you also don’t want their peers teasing them throughout school because of a name you chose.

Sometimes people have a really difficult time picking out a name for their baby. It can be quite stressful to find the perfect one.

There are literally thousands of uncommon baby girls names to choose from. Today we have compiled a list below of some unpopular girl names to give you some inspiration. Do let me know which you like best.

Uncommon Girl Names

Some of these names have been around for hundreds of years, while others are newer, but still uncommon enough to give you peace of mind. 

Rare baby girl names are not easy to find, especially if your list of requirements for the name is super long like mine was. By looking at these rare female names, I hope that you can find a name for your daughter easily and quickly without having to spend too much time thinking about it.

All of our names are ranked in the US top 1000, which means these girl baby names are unique but not weird!

1. Raffaella – Italian for Raphael, a name of Hebrew origin meaning “God has healed.”

2. Rowan – A Celtic tree name with English origins that was used by Shakespeare in his play ‘Macbeth’ and means little redhead.

3. Orla – A name of Gaelic origin that means golden and is actually the Irish version of a very popular name today, Olivia.

4. Magdalene – The biblical name means “woman from Magdala.” It has been around since medieval times.

5. Rome – The capital city of Italy, which is beautiful.

6. Sabine – A classic Hebrew girl’s name of German origins meaning lady and noblewoman.

8. Rye – A name with Old English origins that means “cavalryman, messenger”.

9. Olympia – The female version of the boy’s name Ollie, meaning a gift from God.

10. Paloma – A Spanish girl’s name that means “dove.”

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Pretty Rare Girl Names

Here are some rare baby girl names which I find quite unusual and peculiar.

1. Chanel – A rare name which originated in France as the surname of a fashion designer.

2. Eowyn – A feminine name used by J R R Tolkien, the author of The Lord of The Rings saga. It means “noble maiden.”

3. Fyrian – This unusual baby girl name that may sound familiar because it was used for the main character in a popular movie series.

4. Harper – An uncommon girl name, and also the surname of American writer Nate Lee.

5. Isidora – This name is of Greek origin and means “gift of Isis.”

6. Lailah – This name is an Arabic word which means “night.”

7. Lillian – A name of Latin origin meaning “beautiful and bright.”

8. Oceane – This rare baby girl name is French in origin, and it means “ocean.”

9. Odette – This girl’s name has German roots meaning “rich battle maiden.”

10. Gigi – A girl’s name of French origin, and meaning “crown.”

Cute Uncommon Baby Girl Names

Now the next set of baby girl names are not only uncommon but they are super cute names I could just picture for a delightful baby girl.

1. Caleigh – A cute baby girl name with Irish and Gaelic origins that means “slender and fair.”

2. Dahlia – The name of a flower, but also is the title for a Russian ballet, which is why I find this as one of the cutest uncommon names for a girl.

3. Edelweiss – A very uncommon name that I found while reading the Sound of Music.

4. Kaia – This is a Finnish name, which means “the sea.” It has made its way onto many baby girl names lists recently.

5. Myra – A short name that is Greek in origin meaning “fragrant ointment.”

6. Phoebe – A classic and cute baby girl name of Greek origin, which means “bright.”

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Rare Baby Girl Names You Will Love

If you’ve not found a name for your future daughter yet, then you might want to look at one of these rare baby girl names. 

1. Amaris – This girl name is of Latin origin and it means “springtime.”

2. Arabella – A cute baby girl name that has German origins and it means “beautiful fairy-tale princess.”

3. Beryl – A rare name which was the title for a jewel in Roman.

4. Celine – This is a cute and uncommon girl name of Latin origin which means “blind.”

5. Corinne – A name with French origins, which means “maiden or young lady.”

6. Daphne – A name with a rich history as being the title of a Greek myth.

7. Eilidh – This baby girl’s name has a Scottish or Gaelic origin and means “gift of God.”

8. Freja – A rare baby girl name of Norse origins, which means “lady.”

Still Unsure? Here Are Some Tips for Choosing Your Daughter’s Name

  • Think about the initial letter of your daughter’s name. Is it soft? Loud? What does it imply?
  • Look at the meaning and origin of each potential name. You can find this on a reliable website or by looking on google.
  • Think about how your daughter would like her name to sound. Will she be a girl that loves being loud and confident? Or is she more understated?
  • If you are unsure if the name will go well with your daughter’s personality, then imagine what celebrity or fictional character your daughter will look like. Then check out the meaning of their name and whether or not it fits with their personality too.
  • Also think about what your child’s teachers will say when she is in school if her name isn’t the most common one. Will the teachers have trouble saying her name even though it has a nice meaning?
  • Don’t forget about nicknames! You might want your daughter’s nickname to be something that goes along with the meaning of her name. If your daughter’s name is Freja, perhaps she will like it if her nickname is ‘Frey’. I called my daughter Sylvia but for short we call her Sylvy.

Hopefully you will find one that strikes your fancy! If not, we have tons more baby name lists on our blog, including many uncommon baby boy names

There are a lot of cute and uncommon girl names out there that you can choose from, so hopefully the list above will give you some ideas on where to start your search. I know it certainly did for me. 

Good luck and don’t forget to let me know what name you chose in the end!

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