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The Adrenal Diaries Two Solo Parenting

Well last week was an interesting week in terms of my health. My husband went to London to do photography, (We are setting up a new blog all about travel, which is super exciting) and so John went to London to get some photos. This meant I was at home alone with my daughter and the dogs for the first time since 2013 when I was diagnosed with Adrenal Insufficiency. I wasn’t sure how well things would go but I was confident we would be okay and we were.


I began to feel unwell on Wednesday afternoon. Sylvia was playing with her friend and asked to have a sleepover. It was perfect timing. She went on her sleepover which included dinner. I did not have to cook and so I had a sandwich and went to bed at 7pm, waking up the next day at 7am. I got a full 12 hours sleep and it was so good.


We stayed home all day on Thursday. I woke up early and cleaned the lounge and kitchen. I then felt exhausted and sat down at the computer to do some blog work. I’ve been having a period for 4 weeks now and started to feel quite weak. We had ham sandwiches for lunch and microwave meals for dinner. We got through another day and watched Moana before bed whilst I worked on the blog.


Friday the period pain became severe again. I told Sylvia I was too tired to do anything and went back to bed. Sylvia watched movies all morning. At lunch time I made ham sandwiches again and in the afternoon we went to the local shop. My bank card would not work so we had to leave the groceries in the store and come home. I will have to ring the bank and sort it out when I have more energy.

On Friday evening I began to feel nauseous and dizzy. These are classic symptoms of being low in cortisol and of being low in Iron. I checked my skin and sure enough I had a new infection on my chest. I get infections regular in a certain area. The doctor said it’s partly due to being overweight and big breasted but also due to being on steroids for Adrenal insufficiency as steroids can affect the immune system and the skin. It’s a cycle which can drive me bonkers.

The skin infections affects my adrenal insufficiency, I take steroids to keep my cortisol levels right and the steroids make my skin weaker. The first sign of an infection affecting my Adrenal Insufficiency is usually feeling irritable, weak and having the runs. Yes it’s a yucky thing to discuss but that is a sure sign my body is under stress and is my tell tale sign that I have an infection or something going on.

The good news is I had a whole month without any infection and I have cream to try and help clear up anything that does occur. Due to my severe pain and my infection I doubled up my medication as I should for 12 hours and it helped me get through and reduced the low cortisol symptoms.

I have some home support a few times each week. It’s not something I have shared before. I guess It’s a little embarrassing. However my personal assistant came for an hour on Friday and cooked a tasty Shepherds pie which Sylvia and I thought was delicious. We love to have cheese on our Shepherds pie but due to the bank card not working we had to leave our grated cheese in the supermarket. We tried something else. We decided to use up the Christmas cheese which was Wensleydale with cranberries.  Interestingly enough the cheese did not melt but just burnt. However it still tasted good and it was great to have a hearty meal when I am so low in Iron.


Saturday John came home from London. We survived! We made it through 4 days on our own. I knew I could do it. Yes I am a chronically sick mum but I am still able to do things when I pace. Even if my PA had not come in to help, I would have still been able to cope and manage and solo parent. I do think if Sylvia was a baby or much much younger it would have been difficult but she is at an age where she is happy to play on her own, watch tv or keep herself busy while I go for a nap and so we got through just fine.

Sunday – Wednesday

On Sunday I became extra unwell. I attempted to go to church but felt dizzy and wanted to collapse so John brought me home. I have been exhausted and wiped out ever since and not been able to do much more than sleep. Luckily I have a lot of content prepared for my blog and the downstairs was clean and tidy so I have just done my best to keep on top of things. I don’t know why I am feeling so unwell at the moment but it happens like this. I get sick then feel a little better and then get sick again. Hopefully I will feel well enough to think more clear and straight for the end of the week.

Angela x