Sketchbook Ideas and Tips You Will Love

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Sketchbook Ideas And Tips You Will Love

Are you looking for some fabulous sketchbook ideas or maybe the dream sketchbook journal. Well look no further!  Today I am sharing some fabulous tips for sketching, as well as showcasing my latest Sketchbook the Palmi Leather Journal which I received from Pen Heaven. I’m so excited.

sketchbook ideas a journal and a pencil

Tips for Improving Your Sketching Skills

We will begin with some tips for improving your sketching skills.

  • Draw daily.
  • Bring a sketchbook with you everywhere you go.
  • Purchase different types of pencils to see what works best for you.
  • Experiment with texture, colour, and blending.
  • Take a local art class or visit youtube videos to develop new skills.

5 Sketchbook Ideas for Your Journal

Try combining images and words to create an about me page. You might want to use words to describe yourself, your loves, your hates and sketch images next to the words.

Draw a cityscape or landscape on a two-page spread.

Fill up a page with as many little sketches or drawings as possible

Try drawing the same image over and over to create an abstract piece on your page.

Draw as many different flowers as you can on a page, naming them as you go.

How I Plan to Use My Pen Heaven Sketchbook

So I first got into sketching as a child and then took a break. I started back up about a year ago and have been loving it ever since.

I’ve had a few sketchbooks in the past few months but now I have this Palmi Sketchbook from Penheaven, I am going to create a sketchbook journal and pretty much fill the book with ideas and images about me, my day, what I love and enjoy.

When you start a sketch book don’t stress too much. It doesn’t have to look perfect. Sketching is all about coming up with ideas and expressing yourself. Your sketches don’t have to be amazing or super complicated just enjoy yourself and have fun experimenting.

My New Palmi Leather Journal and Worthy Shorty Pencil

My new Palmi Journal is the perfect Sketchbook for my new sketch material. The journal is made from premium quality leather and was handmade in Italy making it extra special.

I chose a blue Palmi sketchbook and love the colouring the feel of the leather cover and the smell.

The pages in my book are acid free and bleed resistant which is fantastic for my art work.

I like to draw ideas before I create my painted rocks and there are over 128 pages to work with with is fantastic.

The size of my new journal is A5. It’s just right for creating new ideas and having fun.

I was really pleased to receive the Worthy Shorty Aluminium pencil. It’s a different size pencil that I am used to and I’ve enjoyed testing it out to see how it feels.

The great thing about this pencil is you can change out the lead and use different size lead for different types of sketching. It’s really exciting to have such a good quality sketch pencil.

I’m super pleased with the quality of the pen and journal and am excited to get going with new sketchbook idea.

*I Was Sent the Products From Pen Heaven for the Purpose of Review*


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