Guide to Renting for Easy and Affordable Trash Storage

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When you’re in the middle of a big project, there are often surprise difficulties. One common surprise people have is how hard it is to get rid of large amounts of trash. People in the midst of home renovations or people who are in the process of dismantling large things quickly discover that trash is a logistical nightmare.

Easy And Affordable Trash Storage; rent a dumpster- This may seem like an obvious solution, but it’s worth mentioning as it is often the easiest and most convenient option. A dumpster can be delivered right to your location, and you can fill it with all of your trash at once. It also allows for easy disposal, as the company will come pick it up when you’re done. Renting a dumpster will save you time, energy, and potentially even money in the long run.


Most cities limit how much can be put out on the curb (and what size those items are), and many people aren’t equipped with the right vehicle to make runs to the dump easy or comfortable. The following will explore a few tips and tricks for sorting out your trash situation.

Donate What You Can

Before you figure out how to get rid of your trash, it’s a good idea to get clear on what trash is. The world has a serious landfill problem, and that means we all need to do our part to minimize trash. Check if anything you’re thinking about tossing can be donated to a local charity shop. There are charity shops that provide people with inexpensive necessities.

There are also shops that specialize in taking building materials like the bits of leftover flooring you have or the old windows you’re replacing. These shops allow people to repair damage to their homes for a fraction of the cost of buying new items.


Know What Trash Needs to Be Separated

There are also major safety concerns with certain items. Things that are explosive, like aerosol cans, should never be thrown into the trash, but rather kept in a separate area and disposed of properly. Biohazardous waste is biological material that can cause problems like infections or bacterial growth.

Animal carcasses, human waste, medical waste, bacterial cultures and parasites are all examples of biohazardous waste.

This needs a separate, specialized waste removal process. In cases where an item is trash but isn’t safe to throw in normal trash, reach out to a local professional in that particular type of waste removal.

Beyond this, tires need to be disposed of in a particular way. One Hampton, VA dumpster rental company emphasizes that they can often still be taken by trash professionals, but they usually need to be kept separate from other trash as they will be treated differently.

Estimate How Much You’ll Have

Every project is different. Take a moment to try to estimate how much trash you’ll have. This will help you select the right option for you and save you money as, typically, trash removal systems charge based on weight or size.

Seek Out a Dumpster Rental

One of the most common trash solutions is to rent a dumpster. The process is relatively simple. You call a provider, give them your estimated trash size, and they’ll drop a dumpster off at the location you specify.

The dumpster stays at that location as you fill it (you can often book for a given number of days) before it is picked up by the company. The company will then dispose of what’s inside the dumpster for you, making things really simple. You may even find low-cost dumpster rental services in Wilmington that fit your budget, while also providing efficient and reliable services. So, if you are in the area, it is worth checking out the options available.

Visiting the Dump

If you have access to a vehicle with storage space in it, you can also opt to transfer the garbage to a dump yourself. This involves loading up your vehicle with the trash you have and driving to the dump.

Your vehicle will be weighed when you go in and when you go out, and you’ll pay a fee based on the weight of trash you left behind. Of course, if your trash is messy, you may not want to fill your car with it. You might not want to transport things that release dust or spores or could otherwise soil your vehicle’s interior.

Proper Lifting

When you’re filling a dumpster or moving heavy items, always be sure to follow proper lifting protocol. It’s really easy to hurt your back or damage your body when lifting things incorrectly.

If an item is too heavy for you, get help when moving it. Back pain for the rest of your life isn’t worth one less trip to the dumpster.

The above information should have outlined how you can get rid of large loads of trash while in the middle of a project. If you’re working with a professional or a team of professionals, always be sure to ask if there are any items, in particular, they don’t want to be mixed into the main bulk of trash.

There could be any number of reasons a particular company wants certain items left to the side. Metal is often worth money if taken to a scrapyard instead of a dump, and some chemicals need to be disposed of in a safe and aware manner.

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