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I really love inspirational children’s books which help teach good morals and teach about people who made a difference in society. In fact some of the best children’s books I read as a child were non-fiction stories about real people.

I’ve always loved learning about history and learning about inspirational women and men such as Helen Keller, Florence Nightingale, and Thomas Edison. 


Today I am sharing two inspiring kids books from the Laurence King Great Lives series. These are good children’s books titled, Anne Frank and Ferdinand Magellan. 

anne frank book for kids

Inspirational Books for Kids – Anne Frank

The Little Guides to Great Lives Anne Frank title is a great children’s story all about the life of Anne Frank.

The book is a great children’s version of the Anne Frank story written in easy and simple language.

This is one of the best children’s books I seen for the story of Anne Frank and has fabulous illustrations which really help bring the story to life. 

Anne Frank’s diary and words and wit have been used to teach millions about the realities of war and demonstrate how kindness and hope can prevail even in the darkest of times. 

This children’s version of Anne Frank  is a really good kids book. It has a timeline at the back of the book to help kids understand more about the World War and Anne Frank’s life. The book also has a glossary of words which are not so common. 

Kids Books About Great Lives – Ferdinand Magellan

Ferdinand Magellan was one of the world’s greatest explorers. The Ferdinand Magellan children’s book from Laurence King tells the story of the brave Portuguese explorer who lead the first voyage around the world. 

Written by Isabel Thomas and illustrated by Dalia Adillon, this inspiration children’s book is a fantastic true story, full of interesting facts.

It’s a great educational book for kids and like all the books in the great lives series, the book has a historical timeline to help follow the life of Ferdinand Magellan and understand more. 

Laurence King – Greats Lives Children’s Book

The Great Lives series has a number of books, including the following:

  • Marie Curie
  • Amelia Earheart
  • Leonardo Da Vinci
  • Nelson Mandella
  • Frida Kahlo

I am really impressed with the series of books and think this would make a great collection for any child’s bookcase or primary school. 

*We were sent the above two books with the option to review*

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