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Styling Tips For The Bedroom With Asda George

I have always loved home decor and styling the different rooms in my home is something I really enjoy. When Sylvia was younger (around two years old) I decided to have a purple theme and found a fabulous purple rug, lilac Vases, purple throws and cushions. The lounge looked great and I loved the feel. I went red in the bedroom and everything looked lovely.

The only issue I had was that the colours I chose were really bold and upon moving home, the bold colours clashed with the wallpaper and tone of the house and I fell out of love with them.

Fast forward 6 years, I have been slowly working on a new feel for the bedroom and lounge. John and I decided when we moved into our current home to stick with the white walls we had in the bedroom. We didn’t have the money or energy to decorate and the walls were a nice shade.

We slowly purchased white drawers and more recently got a white wooden slat bed. The only furniture left to buy now is a wardrobe. So as you can imagine I was super excited a few weeks ago when I was asked to use Asda’s George Colour Selector to help find the correct shades and colours to style the bedroom.

Styling Tips – Use The Colour Selector

The George Colour selector is really useful and easy to use. You choose a bold colour you love from the outer wheel and the find the matching tones and shades from the inner wheel. I did just that. I love Red and the tones that featured well with this colour were greys, whites and greens.

Strangely I have never really looked at green as a colour for the room but decided to trust the wheel and find some products and accessories that matched the complimentary colours I had chosen.

Styling the bedroom

Mix and Match A Duvet And Throw

One of my favourite styling tips is to have a plain throw and patterned duvet or a plain duvet and patterned throw. Two patterns together doesn’t usually go. 

I found a green based Duvet and Throw, a white butterfly lamp shade and an assortment of cushions which matched according to the colour selector. I ordered the items and they arrived in the Next day delivery.

Styling the bedroom

I absolutely loved what I had chosen. They looked so much better than I imagined and John and I excitedly gave our room the mini makeover we have been dreaming of for some time.

Styling the bedroom

I chose a George Home Mint Fitted Sheet for £9 and the George Home Duck Egg Patchwork Duvet Set for £14. The Duck Egg quilted throw was £20 and feels so silky and smooth.

The George Home Butterfly Laser Cut Light Shade cost £8 and looks brilliant in the room which previously had no shade at all.

Styling the bedroom

Styling With Unusual Cushions

I then chose 3 cushions which matched the colours of the colour selector. I chose the George Home Elephant Cushion for £8. I just love this cushion and it is so much bigger than I expected it to be and looks lovely.

Styling the bedroom

The Elephant cushion blends well with the George Home Duck Egg Soft Velvet Cushion for £7 and I purchased a George Home Shaped Pug Cushion which my daughter claimed almost immediately and took for her room. However not to worry, the finishing touch was a cream and orange Fox Cushion.

Styling the bedroom

Now the fox cushion is the only bold tone and just gives a little boldness to the room and this cushion is so soft and lovely. I absolutely love it. The George Home Shaped Fox Cushion cost £7

So there you have it. A room with a fabulous collection of items picked out by the colour selector. I think George have a fabulous selection and range of home products and at really affordable prices. I am really pleased with the new look and it was fabulous to freshen up the look of the room with the help of George.

What colours do you like best?

What style would you go for?

Disclosure: I picked out the items using the George Colour Selector and these were sent to me for the purpose of review and producing this content.