Tips for Writing a Social Issues Essay

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A social issue essay is an assignment meant to test our thoughts about social problems existing in our world today. These social issues have significant impacts on our modern society.

The main idea behind writing a social issues essay is an expression of our opinions, ideas, or sentiments about the latest social topics and how it affects everybody. Moreover, it’s about in-depth research skills on how these societal issues affect students and their development.

Writing a stellar social issues essay is difficult, especially due to these societal issues’ complex and controversial nature. But, a clear and concise understanding of these issues makes it possible to craft an insightful and compelling essay that sheds light on these social problems.

In addition, the essay paper should agitate the reader to think of possible solutions to these problems. Are you wondering, ‘Can someone write my essay for me?’ Here is a simple guide on writing a comprehensive social issues essay that portrays your writing skills.

What Are Social Issues?

The first step in your writing task is understanding the fundamentals of social issues. Social issues refer to various challenges a society faces in its continued progress. These issues refer to various range of topics that affect both individuals and communities at large.

These challenges range from wealth inequalities, environmental degradation, poverty, social inequalities, discrimination, disparities, drug abuse, racism, and corruption, among many more.

The presence of these challenges makes society weaker. Therefore, it calls for a collective effort to address these societal changes to make the world a better place to live.

Hence, your essay must bring out an aspect of these societal issues and convince your readers of the harmful impact it causes on individuals and communities.

Social Issues Topics

There are different social issue topics to choose from in our lives. Here is a simple breakdown of common social issues to address:

Social Justice Issues

  • Gender inequality and women’s rights
  • Income inequality across social classes
  • Need for gender equality and inclusion
  • Relation between poverty and health problems
  • Fight for equal labor laws
  • Poverty-based discrimination
  • Domestic violence
  • Racism in the workplace

Racism Issues

  • Racial Stereotypes in the workplace
  • Racism in the U.S
  • Psychological impacts of racism
  • Systematic racism in the world
  • Western world racism
  • Modern-day slavery in Africa
  • Civil rights movement
  • Black Lives Matter movement

Social Media Issues

  • Rise of cyberbullying
  • Media ban on false information
  • Effects of cancel culture on individuals
  • Freedom of speech in social media
  • Rising world of influencers and their influence
  • Children and social media
  • Staying safe on the internet
  • Online media ethics

Health Social Issues

  • Health care for adults
  • Rise of drug addiction
  • Mental health
  • Insurance
  • Increase in obesity
  • Pro-choice/Pro-life
  • Abortion
  • Plastic surgery
  • Gender play

How to Write a Stellar Social Issues Essay

Below is an expert guide on how to write your essay that captures the attention of your audience while addressing pertinent social issues;

Choice of Topic

There are a myriad of social issue topics to choose from. Hence, choose a weighted social issue topic to craft a well-informed and compelling essay articulating your comprehension and grasp of the content. Some aspects to consider in your topic choice include relevance, personal interest, manageability, and research.


The essence of a social issue essay is bringing out new aspects that your audience doesn’t know already. Moreover, all information contained in your essay should be accurate and up-to-date.

Start building a strong and credible argument through thorough research on the essay topic. The research process helps gather data and relevant information about the essay topic from different perspectives.

Solid Stance

After researching your essay, it’s time to take a stance on your topic. A solid stance on your essay topic makes your essay more precise, stronger, and persuasive. Hence, your audience can view the topic from your perspective. Try using real-life examples to add more credibility to your essay. The examples will help the readers to understand the whole purpose of your essay. If you are struggling with this, ask an essay writer for help.

Keep It Simple

Expressing your own beliefs and opinions adds to the originality of your essay. Remember, having a divergent or contrary opinion to popular belief is not bad. Use simple sentences and words to express your point of view. Ensure the final argument is precise and easily communicated to your audience.


The final aspect of your writing process is proofreading your work for spelling mistakes and grammar. Before the final submission of your essay, ensure it is error-free and flawless. Go through your essay to ensure it is clear and conveys your main message effectively.

Final Takeaway

Writing a stellar social issues essay requires a deep understanding of what’s happening today. Therefore, users must deeply research their preferred essay topic to form a credible argument and convince their audience.

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