Sylvia and I own a book called Where Snowflakes Fall by Claire Freeman and Tina MacNaughton. This children’s book is a lovely story about beautiful animals that live on the ice and snow. The book has some lovely illustrations and today we decided to create our very own Snowflake craft inspired by the book.

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What You Need

Lollipop Sticks

Posca Paint Pens

Where Snowflakes Fall Children’s Book



Let’s Make It

First we found 8 lollipop sticks from our crafts box. We found a white and blue Chalk based marker a pencil and scissors.

Using a piece of paper which we divided into 8 sections, we created a snowflake pattern which we cut out.

We placed the snowflake on the lollipop sticks and used a pencil to trace the shape of our snowflake.

Once the snowflake was traced we began to paint the snowflake using our white chalk pen.

Painting the stick was pretty fun. The tips of our pen were 5.5mm. If I were to do this again, I might use a finer pen but these were the only ones we had.

Once we painted the snowflake we painted the background light blue. Our snowflake craft began to look really good.

The snowflake craft was fun to perform and pretty simple. Here is the end result. I think our lollipop stick snowflake is pretty cool.

We then mixed up the sticks to create a puzzle. Making this craft allowed us to extend our interest in the book, Where Snowflakes fall. We were able to practice fine motor skills, cutting and painting, chat and discuss the story promoting literacy, plan and use creativity and use cognitive skills working out the puzzle at the end. We had a great time creating this craft and it’s a fun and simple thing to do with a child of any age. We hope you like this craft idea.

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  1. We have that book too! I love your craft, what a great idea, I have some lolly sticks and chalk pens I will get my kids to have a go next weekend.

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