20 Rainbow Crafts for Preschool Kids

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Rainbow Crafts For Preschool Kids

Are you on the hunt for rainbow crafts? If so then you will love these fantastic rainbow crafts for preschool kids featured in this roundup. We have some amazing rainbow-themed craft ideas from some of the best kids websites around. 

Whether your looking for a preschool rainbow craft or a craft to create at home with the kids, here are some fantastic kids craft ideas I am sure you will love.

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Rainbow Craft Ideas for Kids

I’ll begin by sharing our own fun and easy rainbow craft. This is a rainbow painting activity that uses wine corks. It’s a simple and easy rainbow craft  and one I’m sure the little ones will love. 

rainbow wine cork craft

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Easy Rainbow Craft Ideas for Kids

Handprint Rainbow Painting from kidscraftroom.com

Painting can be a very fun activity for kids, it helps with their creativity and sensory experience. With this handprint rainbow painting, it makes the activity more immersive!

Giant Sticky Wall Confetti Rainbow from hellowonderful.co

Looking to redecorate or add some colors to your walls? Try this giant sticky wall confetti rainbow, it’s a great way to teach your kids about colors while still having fun.

DIY Melted Crayon Art from redtedart.com

Have some broken or old crayons laying around your house? This is the perfect project to use them – it’s colorful and looks beautiful.

Easy Rainbow Handprint Silhouettes from pintsizedtreasures.com

Children love putting handprints everywhere so why not turn it into an artwork? You can even display this rainbow handprint silhouettes inside your home.

Rainbow Scrape Painting Art from hellowonderful.co

Here’s another fun artsy rainbow painting activity. With this rainbow scrape painting art, you’ll only need three materials!

Rainbow Glitter Pots From the Inspiration Edit

Sprinkle a little glitz in your life with this rainbow glitter pots. These glitter pots can be used to teach your kids about the colors of the rainbow.

Glitter Rainbow Pots

Rainbow Painting Activities Kids Will Love

Hanging Cotton Ball Rainbow Craft from The Inspiration Edit

It’s not every day we see rainbows from the sky so why not create your own? This will remind you of the beauty of the rainbow!

Painting Rainbow from happyhooligans.ca

Are your kids in preschool? Then this painting rainbow craft is the perfect activity for their age – it’s easy and cheap!

Cotton Ball Rainbow Art from easypeasyandfun.com

Kids will have a blast making this cotton ball rainbow art and not only that, but they can also practice their fine motor skills.

Rainbow Paper Plate Tambourines from kidscraftroom.com

Get your kids singing and dancing with this colorful paper plate tambourine. Arts and music are always a fun activity so rest assured they will be having a blast with this.

Bubble Wrap Printed Rainbows from iheartcraftythings.com

Looking for a different way to paint a rainbow? How about stamping with bubble wrap. All you need to do is paint your bubble wrap, stamp and there you have it!

Painted Stone Rainbow from nontoygifts.com

Do you have some rocks in your garden? Then you can do this rock painting activity. You can even use these rocks to decorate your garden.

More Super Fun Rainbow Crafts and Activities

Rainbow Dinosaur Paper Plate Craft from The Inspiration Edit

Aside from Rainbows, Dinosaurs have always been a hit to kids. Make sure to try this paper plate craft if you’re looking for a rainbow dinosaur craft.

Bleeding Tissue Paper Canvas Art from muminthemadhouse.com

You wouldn’t believe how easy this bleeding tissue paper canvas art to make! You can also use this activity to familiarize your kids with colours!

Rainbow Heart Magnets from redtedart.com

This Rainbow Heart Magnets can be a great handmade gift idea. Unleash your kids’ creativity by letting them design each wooden heart.

Rainbow Blowers from kidscraftroom.com

Cardboard or tissue tubes are such flexible craft material! If you’ve recently been using a lot of tissues, make sure to keep the tubes and use it for this rainbow craft.

Love Heart Paper Flower from redtedart.com

Make flowers out of hearts with this love heart paper flower papercraft. This craft is colorful and would make a beautiful design for cards.

DIY Unicorns With Rainbow Hair from The Inspiration Edit

Here’s a great preschool activity you can do for Unicorn themed parties – Unicorn tube craft. Kids will love making this adorable unicorn craft!

Pom Pom Rainbow Jewellery from kidscraftroom.com

Looking for craft kids can wear? Try this pom pom rainbow jewellery! It’s so easy to make and can be gifted or make with friends.

Cheerio Rainbow Craft With Color Matching from handsonaswegrow.com

Color matching is an ideal activity for kids to learn about colors. If you have cheerio in your home, then you can do this quick rainbow craft.

Printable Rainbow Danish Hearts from pinkstripeysocks.com

Any Danish here? This one’s especially for you but, Danish or not you will surely enjoy decorating and coloring this printable rainbow danish hearts!

Pom Pom Painted Rainbow Craft For Kids from fantasticfunandlearning.com

Can’t get enough of pom pom crafts? Here’s another one for you! This pom pom craft is perfect for spring or if you want a vibrant and colorful activity.

Paper Roll Rainbow Butterfly Craft For Kids from nontoygifts.com

Butterflies have always been one of the most popular and loved craft to do with kids. With this rainbow butterfly craft, your kids will surely be entertained for hours.

Easy Rainbow Craft For Kids from messylittlemonster.com

Don’t have a lot of time in your hands? This easy rainbow craft is something your kids can easily do. 

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Angela Milnes is a Qualified Early Years Teacher who has specialised in Preschool and Kindergarten teaching. She has a wealth of experience teaching young children and is passionate about kids crafts and having fun as a family. Angela has also taught cooking skills and loves to share both family recipes and easy crafts here on The Inspiration Edit. Follow her on Pinterest!

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