Top Tips to Help Prepare Your Dog for the Summer

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As temperatures are starting to rise and the sun is coming out more, it’s the season to become sun smart. This doesn’t just mean for you but your furry friend too. It’s important to take the necessary precautions to ensure your pet remains healthy but also engaged.

In order to prepare and protect your dog from the heat, here are some of our top tips to keep them cool and calm during the summer.

prepare your dog for the summer

Make Sure They Are Cool and Comfortable

Minimising stress and incorporating various elements into your pup’s daily routine can really help to keep them cool during heatwaves. A luxury calming dog bed or cooling mat paired with an ice pack or fan is great for those days stuck inside. If they are out in the garden, create a shaded space for them to relax.

When taking your dog for a walk, make sure that these are short and are stopped if they show any signs of overheating. Some dogs are more susceptible to heat stroke so do bear this in mind and avoid walks if the temperature is too high. Most importantly, never leave them in the car or a warm environment unattended.

Keep On Top of Grooming

When dogs go swimming, their coats can become matted, trapping moisture and leading to nasty infections. By having your dog professionally groomed on a regular basis, you ensure their coat is free of knots, keeping them cool.

Although, refrain from shaving their coat off as this protects them from the sunlight. Instead, groom them often in the summer to remove any loose fur and debris so air can flow more freely through their coat. If in doubt, it’s best to get advice from an expert groomer.

Identify and Treat Skin Problems Quickly

With summertime comes creatures great and small, some of which can be a real nuisance to dogs and cause skin conditions. Then there’s pollen, which can also trigger an allergic reaction. This is why you must regularly check your dog’s skin and coat after they have been outside or if you notice excessive redness, scratching, or licking. 

It’s best to seek help from an expert if the problem is reoccurring, as your dog may require dermatology care to help diagnose and treat the issue.

Hydration Is Key

On those extra warm days, ensure your dog is kept well hydrated. To compensate for the heat, leave out fresh bowls of cool, clean water and avoid feeding them foods high in salt. If you want to install a paddling pool in the garden to help them cool down, make sure that the water is changed each day as warm standing water is a breeding ground for harmful bugs and bacteria.

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