Easy Step-By-Step Paper Folding for Beginners That You Can Try at Home

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The paper folding activity will be fun and satisfying because of how it will turn out, from a piece of paper to different kinds of origami designs such as flowers, shapes, and animals. It’s amazing to see your artwork with perfection and cute designs.

You can also make origami whenever you give gifts to your loved ones, particularly your children, nieces, or anyone because origami is adorable to include in your gifts.

Paper Folding

Varieties of Origami

If your kids ask you how to make origami flowers, you can search for a video tutorial on it so that they will also learn to follow instructions by just watching the video, or you can follow the simple steps below:

Fish Paper Folding

Start with the origami paper square that you have. If you don’t have origami paper, but all you have is standard 8.5×11 paper, follow these steps to create a square sheet. Fold the top half of the art paper back on itself, then unfold. Poke the center using your finger so that the center will pop in.

Bring the left and right sides together so that the art paper collapses into a triangle. Rotate the triangle left 90 degrees; it should be counterclockwise. Fold the top of the wings over the bottom one, as shown, and then unfold. Add some stripes and an eye to achieve a realistic fish.

Car Paper

Start with an origami paper square you have and fold one side down. Then fold the art paper in half, from top to bottom, then unfold it again. Next, fold it in half from left to right, then fold it once more. Fold down the bottom edge to the perfect setting. Next, diagonally fold down the left and right sides of the bottom wing. If you only have regular rectangle paper, follow the instructions for making origami paper.

Wheels are created by this, in the horizontal fold, folding down the top portion so that it completely encloses the wheels. You may now turn the figure over and learn how to build an origami automobile by folding it, backing it up an estimated 3/4 of the way, and folding the top right corner down. Sketch the windows and doors to create the car of your choice!

Paper Envelopes

Begin by folding the bottom of a square piece of origami paper in half to the top and half to form a triangle. Next, fold the top corner of the triangle to the bottom edge. Fold in 1/3 of the right side of the triangle. Finally, fold in the left side of the triangle. If you only have regular paper on you, follow these instructions to create a square sheet. Fold the corner of that sheet back to the edge.

Fold down the top and tuck the tip into the diamond-shaped pocket after opening the small border to create a pocket. Then you can write a note or letter and stuff it inside the envelope, and you are done! Your spouse will surely love this origami idea because it is so sweet to be included in your presents.

Star Folding

Origami paper should be folded into a square and rotated, color side up, into a diamond shape. If you only have ordinary paper, follow the steps to create a square sheet of paper and start by folding the paper in half by fold from top to bottom. Bring the triangle’s left edge up to the top edge.

Rotate the paper over, then fold the triangle in half by bringing the left corner to the right corner. Try to watch a tutorial on how your origami should now appear. Open the sheet and press down. Get a fresh piece of paper and rotate it, color side down. Fold the bottom corner to the top corner, folding well.

Try to keep the right corner pointed as you make the fold, and keep the edges aligned at the top. Bring the left corner of the triangle across to the right and fold it in half. Turn the triangle so that it represents an arrow pointing downward.

Insert the piece you finished earlier and turn it again; so it forms an arrow pointing upward. Slide the triangle on the left between the folds of the arrow. Then tape the two pieces together, and your star is done!

In General

With these step-by-step processes, you can achieve the paper folding that you want to make. It is not only fun but will you will also gain skills by making it. All you need to do is to follow the steps or process carefully, and you are done!

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