The Best Family Friendly Destinations That Are Fun for the Whole Family

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Traveling with family and kids in your group can be challenging. So many places don’t allow children or have services oriented towards families. This is why those who have families look for destinations that cater more towards kids so that it isn’t impossible for them to enjoy themselves.

Whether you want to travel within your country or internationally, you can ensure fun for the whole family with some minor planning. So save up and start packing because here’s the ultimate list of family-friendly travel destinations around the world!

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Florida, USA

If you’re thinking of going to the US or traveling within the US, Florida ensures fun for everyone! Sure, California has theme parks. But Florida has natural wonders, beaches, and more for every budget. Florida is also more affordable if you’re traveling with a large group. This makes it a feasible destination for those with multiple kids.

Before you book your tickets, check out the weather and temperature in Florida to ensure the best vacation. And don’t miss out on the many gator parks where you can even feed a crocodile or alligator. For the more laid back, you can have your pick from the many beaches that dot Florida’s shores. Try fishing with your kids on these shores, such as in Destin Florida Fishing Charters if you opt for beaches. Remember to carry sunscreen and make sure you wrangle your kids into reapplying every few hours to avoid sunburn.


If you’re looking to travel somewhere more exotic than the US of A, Cambodia can be an excellent choice. Though it is a little underrated in terms of reputation, this just means you have the advantage of exploring a relatively untouched country. In addition, if you have slightly older kids, they will enjoy hiking and playing in the many historical sites dotting the land.

Cambodians often actively help you by supervising your kids while you eat, despite the language barrier. And as a bonus, it is an incredibly reasonable country in terms of finance. Of course, coming from a European country, you would be able to afford some luxury services too.

Rovaniemi, Finland

While the harsh cold of Finland might not seem family-friendly, the city’s claim to fame is that Finland officially recognizes it as the home of Santa Claus. Being so close to the Arctic Circle, they also have a Santa-themed park and a village. So if your kids love Santa, this should be the only destination you’re looking at.

Here, your kids can interact with elves, post letters to Santa, and do many more Santa-related activities. For the adults, you can keep your fingers crossed to catch a glimpse of the Northern Lights. Another fun activity you can do here is to ride sleds attached to huskies! Name one of your kids who wouldn’t want to ride a sled pulled by a husky!

Florence, Italy

We recommend Florence not only for the beauty of the city itself but also for the friendly locals! Just like Cambodia, Florentines are extremely friendly and helpful if you have kids. They will stop your kids from getting in trouble and will keep an eye on them when you’re all out exploring. This is extremely helpful for parents managing multiple kids!

Besides the city, you can also head into the countryside. The food and sights in Florence are gorgeous, and you can rest assured that you will make memories for a lifetime. If you have older kids, you can even leave them in the hotel for an afternoon and head out on a Tuscan wine tour. You can also explore staying in a homestay to enjoy a slice of traditional Tuscan life.


If you want to have a truly family-friendly vacation, you should head straight to the Maldives. Book a stay at one of the all-inclusive resorts and sit back and have the time of your lives! There is so much to do in the Maldives, and staying in the resorts means you have access to everything. Depending on your package, you can have a lot of activities included, so ask about them at the reception.

There are water sports, adventure sports, and more for the kids. For the parents, you can choose a small island resort, so you know your kids are limited to staying in a certain area only. There are massage packages if you want, or you can sit back and unwind at the beach. You can go on boat rides from your room, stay in overwater bungalows, and lots more exciting things.


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