How to Prepare for a Hand Luggage-Only Trip

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Have you ever thought about or do you already have upcoming plans for a hand luggage-only trip? While most vacations and travel plans typically entail one or more suitcases that get brought along, a hand luggage-only trip means you only bring what you can fit in a carry-on bag.

As you might imagine, there are many benefits to going on a trip without having to haul around excessive luggage. You’ll save money during your flights while also having less to manage around the day.

You can even get more creative with your solutions regarding where you keep your luggage stashed. With a simple carry bag, you can take advantage of 24/7 luggage storage services to safely store your belongings without having to cash out for something like a full night’s hotel stay. 

There’s a good chance you might someday need to travel without needing to bring much, so you’ll want to be prepared as best as possible. Fortunately, we have some excellent advice for you to execute this below!

Hand Luggage-Only Trip

Pack Carefully

The first step in preparing for a hand luggage-only trip is to pack carefully. This may seem obvious, but do you know why and more importantly how to pack carefully?

For starters, you have less space than you would on a trip where you have multiple suitcases. This means less room for unnecessary clothes and items.

As a result, you have to be picky about everything you pack. Everything going into your carry bag must have a specific purpose. 

If you might use something but don’t know when then it isn’t something essential and must be left for something more important. Decisions like this become critical to making the best use of space. 

You are also limited by what can fit inside. An issue that may arise from this is wanting to bring along multiple pairs of shoes.

You may want variety to match your outfits, but shoes are bulky and can quickly fill up a travel bag. In this scenario, you’d have to make a sacrifice regarding what is more important to you.

These uncomfortable but necessary considerations are what packing carefully entails. You can’t bring it all and you’ll have to make some choices to have the best use of your space. Understand your priorities and needs and only pack belongings that support them.

Get Creative With Space

Closely related to packing carefully is getting creative with the limited amount of space you do have. You might not have much room, but there are always ways to stretch it just a little bit further.

There are a few good ways that you can do this. One excellent technique is to alter how you physically pack your clothes. You might typically fold or even just throw your clothes into a bag without consideration for space.

With limited space, you must be strategic about how your belongings fit in your bag. Opt to roll your clothes into tight bundles that are more compact. If you’re trying to maximize your space, you could also put clothing into vacuum-sealable bags to eliminate unneeded space.

You should also aim to align your items in your bag so that it is space-friendly. Try to picture your bag like a puzzle and find a way to fit your belongings so that everything lays nicely and compactly together.

Another great way to make more use of space is to be smart about what you wear on the plane. What you’re wearing won’t count against you and only provides more room to carry more on. You can wear a bulky coat with lots of pockets that would provide even more storage for clothes and toiletries.

While space is your biggest constraint, there are often ways to bring more on your travels without spending extra.

Understand Your Limits

The last thought regarding hand luggage-only travel is to understand the limits that go along with it. With just one small bag, you have far less than a typical trip and this means being more rational about your travels.

This comes down to understanding the purpose of your trip and how you want to spend your time. Something as exciting as going to the beach may not be feasible depending on what you need to pack. 

On the other hand, you can still enjoy your vacation if you plan for what you can’t bring. If you know you don’t have room but still want to have fun, bring extra cash along and you won’t have to make the sacrifice.

Traveling with hand luggage-only usually means shorter trips and less excitement, but you can plan for this and work around it. You don’t want to be caught surprised and unable to participate in something you wouldn’t be able to enjoy at home!

Closing Thoughts

Hand luggage-only travels are a unique way to take trips. They come with a special set of advantages and disadvantages when compared to traveling with as many suitcases as you need.

Considering these differences, you’ll need to prepare differently for a hand luggage-only trip. The best ways to do this involve packing carefully and smartly, getting creative with extra storage space, and understanding the limits of traveling on a space budget.

Exploring a new city or location is meant to be fun and having just a single carry bag can give you a feeling of freedom. When planning accordingly, you can make the most of having limited luggage and only experience the benefits!

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