Online Safety Tips for First-Time Moms

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Being a first time mom can be scary, and we completely understand that. After all, we’ve been there. We have a lot going on our minds – proper parenting, housekeeping, nap schedules, home studying, and many more. It’s like juggling tasks more than a typical person can handle. But since you’re a super-mom, we know that you’re tackling it all head-on… and we’re proud of you, mama! 

Now, since you’re here, we also know that you’re worrying about your child’s online safety. The world is becoming more and more digital as time passes by, and it’s inevitable that your child will be curious about exploring the web. It’s both exciting and scary, and unlike other households who worries about finding the right internet providers, you, as a first-time mom, have a whole new set of concerns. 

To keep your little one safe online, here are several tips you must keep in mind as your child grows:

Start conversations about online safety as early as possible.

Nothing beats open communication when it comes to the online safety of kids. One of the most common issue between kids and their parents is when they learn how to hide what they do online simply because they’re scared that you might get angry at them. It’s a normal reaction, but it’s your responsibility to prevent that from happening. 

What you can do is explain to them what to do and not to do online as simple as possible, and make sure that they understand what you’re saying. And always practice positive reinforcement because this will make your relationship more solid as they grow up. 

Browse the web together.

Being a mom can be hectic, but it’s always best to make time for your kid, especially during their screen time. For example, instead of letting them play by themselves on their tablets, why not join them? Explore age-appropriate educational websites or games together. This allows you to monitor their activity and introduce them to safe online resources so you can answer any questions they might have while you’re at it.

Remember, there are a lot of criminals online who are waiting for their next victims, and that could be your child. Once they get exposed to games like Roblox or other online games that will require them to interact with other people of all ages, you’ll be more needed than ever. 

Don’t let them have their own device too early. 

While it can be tempting to give your child their own tablet or phone, it’s best to wait until they’re mature enough to handle the responsibilities that come with it. There are other alternatives that can keep your kid entertained. For example, if you’re subscribed to one DISH TV packages, you’ll have tons of channels to choose from that are kid-friendly. This way, you can have them watch educational kids TV shows during their free time. 

Take advantage of parental controls. 

Many devices and platforms offer built-in parental control features that can give you peace of mind. These tools allow you to restrict access to inappropriate content, set time limits for device use, and even monitor the websites your child visits. Not all parents know this, but it’s an important feature developers added to increase the safety of kids while using the web. You’ve been a kid, so you know what it’s like to be curious of everything. And with peer pressure? That can be a nightmare. So don’t wait for things to get complicated and use parental controls early on. 

Normalize mistakes. 

Everyone makes mistakes, and expect that your kid will make some, if not a lot. Don’t let anger take over you. Yes, we get it, sometimes, it can be a little too much. But during your kid’s growing years, you will need to have a lot of patience. Calmly discuss what happened, explain the risks involved, and work together to find a solution. You have to let them know that you’re there to help them learn and grow from their experiences and not scold them and punish them whenever they do something wrong.

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