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This week we have been getting ready for Christmas and we were blessed to receive a fantastic gift box from The Little Dog Laughed, a UK gift store for dogs and dog owners. I have to admit the one thing I miss about living in the UK is the many fantastic small businesses that make and sell amazing products. I was super excited to get these new dog owner gifts for Alfie our new Bichon and the girls were super pleased to explore the gifts too!

Gift Ideas for Dog Owners

If you’re looking for a new dog owner gift or a special item for your friend for Christmas then you have to check out The Little Dog laughed. They have unique Handmade gifts for dogs and dog owners from handmade bags to cushions to hot water bottles. They also have the most adorable leads and dog collars and even fantastic dog-themed stationary! You’re bound to find a great gift for your dog owner friend from this dog-themed shop.

So what did we get Alfie our Dog for Christmas? Let’s have a look and find out….

Dog Lead and Dog Collar

The first gift for Alfie is a designer lead and dog collar. Taking Alfie on walks in something he loves and he looked great with his new collar and lead. Of course, like most Bichons, Alfred is quite a fluffy dog and so it’s not always easy to get the perfect photo of Alfie wearing his new collar but we sure did try.

The important thing is that it looks great and that his new dog collar is strong and sturdy and made from great quality material.

The dog collar is great. It has a strong clasp to join the lead to the collar and worked well when we used it. Alfie enjoyed his walk, walking in style!

Pet Travel Bowl

The next dog gift we had for Alfie is a pet travel bowl. This is great. It’s like a treat bag, but shaped like a bowl and it has a try string so you can stop dog biscuits or treats from spilling out.

The pet bowl from The Little Dog Laughed is super useful. We go out every Wednesday night to see my sister and Alfie comes along. Having a pet bowl is going to be super handy and will be a great travel bowl for any adventures to the park or beach.

Dog Overnight Bag

The one dog gift I loved the most is Alfies new Dog Overnight bag. This is a super cute and well-designed dog bag perfect for packing Alfies, toys and blanket and anything else he may need on a trip to grandma’s or elsewhere.

Having a dog bag for Alfies adventures out of the home is great for two reasons. Firstly I can keep it prepared so I’m less likely to forget anything we might need. Secondly having a dog bag for Alfie is great because I get to keep my items in my bag and my dog’s items separate in his overnight dog bag.

The bag can also be used for day travel as well and it has plenty of space for everything we might need.

Why Invest in a Dog Diaper Bag or Dog Travel Bag?

Pets are a big responsibility but also provide love, joy and companionship. An investment in a dog diaper bag or travel bag is a great way to ensure that your pet has everything they need and can go everywhere with you.

So why invest in a dog diaper bag? Well, firstly, it’s convenient and gives you extra space to store your dog’s extra belongings, such as toys and treats. Secondly, it will help you stay organized and keep your things safe and secure while out on the go with your dog.

And finally, a good quality dog diaper bag or travel bag will make sure that your pet stays comfortable during long car journeys or walks in the park.

Whether you’re out for the day or away on a longer trip, having your dog’s essentials organized and easily accessible will help ensure that you and your pet have a safe and fun time together.

So if you’re looking for a great investment in your dog’s comfort and happiness, be sure to check out the wide selection of dog items at The Little Dog Laughed. They are great for your own dog and also as gifts for dog owner friends.

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