Make Your Own Perfume for Kids – Easy and Fun!

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Did you know you can make your own perfume at home using simple, safe ingredients? Making DIY perfume for children is a terrific family activity and it makes a great gift, too!

As a young girl, I often went searching for wild flowers with my sister and we would attempt to make our own perfumes. We sat in the back garden, adding rose petals and lavender to jars. It’s a fond memory for me.

If you’re wondering how to make perfume without alcohol that is safe for kids, this DIY perfume spray is exactly what you’re looking for.

Girl holding a bunch of lavender and other flowers.

Why Do People Wear Perfume?

Perfume has been around for centuries and is something that is used to express a personality or a mood.

Originally, perfume was created to drown out the terrible smells of those who could not bathe and other scents coming from unclean streets. These days, perfume has a much happier story.

Perfume reacts differently on everyone: the same scent can smell completely different on someone else, which is why it is always best to try perfume out properly and allow it to combine with the oils in the skin. 

Perfume isn’t just for women either! Men are now interested in cologne more than ever, which is just another way for a man to feel fully dressed.

For the man in your life, consider a scent magic cologne subscription as a gift, which is a brilliant way to find a signature scent.

How Do You Make Your Own Perfume?

Not only is making flower perfume a quality bonding experience for the whole family, it teaches children about different scents and flowers and encourages them to use their olfactory system – or their sense of smell.

Two glass vases holding pink flowers.

Making perfume does not need to be complicated or expensive and does not require a large number of ingredients. 

Most, if not all, ingredients can be found within the garden and home, meaning that making perfume also becomes a fun kind of experiment. 

To make a basic perfume for kids (or adults!), you really just need water, a strongly scented flower, herb or fruit, and a spray bottle. 

How to Make Perfume From Flowers

Flowers such as roses, lavender, and jasmine work well for making perfume. Herbs such as mint and rosemary also give off wonderful scents from their oils and complement the flowers.

For citrus notes, why not add chopped orange or lemon peel cut into small pieces?

Closeup of a cut lemon and lavender.

 Other items needed to make homemade perfume:

Once you have all your desired ingredients assembled, it’s time to mix them all together to make a wonderful flower perfume for kids.        


The heaviest pieces should go first, which will be the citrus pieces, if you are using them. Simply funnel them into the bottom of the perfume bottle with a little bit of water and let the citrus fruits sit and emit their oils into the water.

The next step is funneling in the herbs and flowers! 

Top tip: It is important to mash and crush up the herbs and flowers to release their oils before going into the bottle.

Once they are funneled in, simply top up the rest of the perfume bottle with water and let it sit overnight to soak up all the scents!

Wooden mortar and pestle.

Making Homemade Perfume Personal

Perfume is a very personal choice. As there are so many scent combinations, there is bound to be one that can be created to suit each person’s tastes.

Perfume as a gift is always a wonderful idea and the homemade touch can make it extra special. Help the children make their own customised labels and come up with names for the perfumes. They can even add biodegradable glitter for some shimmer!

Scattered flower petals - making DIY perfume graphic for Pinterest.

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