Making a Christmas Eve Box for the Family

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Making a Christmas Eve Box for the Family

Last year we made our very first Christmas Eve Box. I have to admit when I first heard the idea last Christmas my first thought was- “why would you want to open gifts the day before Christmas”.

However, when I saw the items going in the boxes I began to see that a Christmas Box is in fact a brilliant idea and a family tradition I hope to continue each year.

The Christmas Eve Box is a fab idea. One of the most popular items to place in the box is a pair of pyjamas for each family member.

This is such a great idea. Often on Christmas morning, you don’t want to get dressed immediately.

We usually lounge around in our Pj’s for some time.

The Presents are opened in our home in the morning and having a brand new pair of Pyjamas is for us the ideal solution to looking great in the Christmas morning photos.

christmas eve box

Christmas Eve is an exciting time. We like to relax and spend time together while we peel and prepare veg for our Christmas Dinner.

So, this year I’m going to put a few Christmas DVD’s in our box to keep us entertained.

christmas eve box

Unlike New Zealand where Christmas eve is warm and sunny and often spent outside with the BBQ, Christmas in the UK is cold.

Bearing this in mind, we have bought 3 lovely Christmas mugs and made up some special Hot Chocolate mix.

This could go down well with a mince pie or piece Christmas cake.

christmas eve box

As we are trying to be healthy and look after our bodies, I plan to pop into our box, 3 new toothbrushes and some Multivitamins for each family member.

For the hubby, we have a packet of Perfect Seven Multivitamins for Men and for myself Perfect Seven multivitamins for Women.

For Sylvia our daughter we have a bottle of Vitamin D softies. The vitamins will help us through the winter months to get the boost we need.

christmas eve box

I’ll be placing a new Christmas book into our box. This year our book is called Always the Elf by Kimberly Jensen.

Reading is something I value deeply and so I won’t miss the opportunity to get my daughter reading over the Christmas break.

christmas eve box

Last but not least, we will be adding a packet of reindeer food to sprinkle outside for Rudolf and the Reindeers.

We will also have a packet of Snowman Poop (marshmallows) to munch on and add to our hot drinks. So this is our Christmas Eve Box.

All ready to make our Christmas just a little more special.

christmas eve box

I hope you like our box. What will you be putting in yours?

christmas eve box

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  1. This is so cute I love that you get the celebrations in order to mark the night before Christmas. We don’t get a box but we usually put out a carrot, mince pie and a glass of milk for Santa- ahem us- to have on his hard journey to our houses.

  2. We are doing a Christmas eve box for Blake this year. He won’t understand much as he will only be one. But I am using things that he can have each year and may also add some chocolate buttons.

    1. Great Idea! I think its a fab idea. Especially the pyjamas! 🙂 I have almost everything i need for my daughter just got to think of a gift for myself and my hubby!

  3. I LOVE this idea! I hadn’t thought about making Xmas eve boxes! love it love it love it – and i shall be having a little go and seeing what i can come up with 🙂

    1. Yes it’s a great alternative to what we usually do and as we wont be with any other family this year, I think it will be nice to celebrate on our own and chill out together! Angela

  4. This is a great idea! I love the selection of things especially for Christmas. Here, it’s traditional to open presents on Christmas Eve, although I’m not sure what we’ll do this year as we probably won’t be at home. It’s fun planning it!

  5. Ahhh so cute! I used to have the same thoughts about xmas eve boxes until I realised that it was less about gifts and more about just fun family stuff to do together! We always have new pjs for xmas, its been a tradition since I was a kid (best new pjs on for Santa!), so its nice to have a place to put them and make them into more of a gift! We also have snowman soup (hot chocolate), reindeer food, a santa key to leave out for Santa to let himself in, our Santa plate to leave a treat out for Santa and the reindeer, a xmas dvd to watch, some xmas books and a chocolate santa each! SO much fun! 🙂 xx

  6. Your Christmas eve box looks lovely, I love the reindeer dust idea, hehe. I love the idea of a Christmas eve box… We do PJ’s and a Christmas movie with hot chocolate and some snacks on Christmas eve! I like your book idea, too! xx

    1. Thankyou Sarah! I’m so excited about the season! We were going to put the tree up tomorrow but my hubby has the flu and I cant manage on my won so will have to wait a week maybe!

  7. Oh my goodness this is such a great idea!
    I love the new pjs too, I always like to make sure that everyone has nice pjs for the photos!
    Lovely post
    Anna x

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