4 Essential Lifestyle Changes for a Happier Existence

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If you want to make some changes in the hopes of improving your way of living, you might be wondering where to start. 

Between many thousands of books promising to help you change your life, podcasts and TedTalks, here are a few tips of our own to help you get on that fast track to happiness.

Lifestyle Changes for a Happier Existence

Get More Sleep

It may sound obvious, but gaining more sleep is a one way ticket to success. Over time, our beds can age, which means losing their shape and becoming unsupportive to our joints.

This can cause unnecessary discomfort, affecting sleep quality and making you feel unrested. 

Companies like Archers Sleepcentre can help you find a brand new bed that will suit your sleeping needs, whether you need extra support for joints, a softer mattress, or have a preference for a particular filling. 

Exercise Regularly

If you’re not a natural fan of the gym, you may struggle with the idea of exercising regularly. However, exercise doesn’t just come in the form of intense cardio! Moving your body everyday can help to regulate blood pressure, reduce anxiety, and increase physical fitness. 

Try and exercise for a small amount of time everyday, even if it’s just for a casual stroll around your local area, or leaving the car on the driveway for the school run (if you live close enough).

Take up a New Hobby

If you regularly find yourself scrolling mindlessly through TikTok, you might want to swap some screen time for a different hobby. Whether you have an existing interest you want to work on, or learn something completely new, hobbies are a great way to expand your skill set while providing a distraction from everyday life. 

New hobbies could include anything from everyday activities, to an enjoyable interest you discovered by accident. Studies have shown that those who engage in hobbies have a much higher state of happiness than those who don’t.

Write a Gratitude List

It’s easy to wander through life and focus on the things we don’t have, but studies have shown that writing a gratitude list every day is a fantastic method to remaining aware of the parts of our lives that are going well.

To do this, you could use an ordinary notebook, or incorporate it into your daily journaling habits. You may notice a lift in your daily mood as a result!

Companies like Papier have a wide range of stylish stationery for your everyday needs, with chic designs and high quality paper for all your gratitude journaling needs!

Do you know of any lifestyle changes to make for a happier existence? Share your thoughts in the comments section below!

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