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My family are a huge fan of chicken and last week I travelled to London to attend the launch of chicken sausages by Richmond. I had a fantastic adventure, learnt how to make Yorkshire puddings and had lots of fun. I am super excited to share my experience with you.

When I arrived in Soho at the cooking school, I was greeted by Angelica Bell the winner of last year’s Celebrity Master Chef. I knew I was in for a treat and looked forward to learning some new recipes.

There were a group of bloggers in attendance and we were all given an apron and chef hat in preparation for our cookery class. I was really excited. I learnt we were going to make Yorkshire puddings and got excited because I was born in Yorkshire and my family are huge fans of Yorkshires, sausages and gravy. We’ve eaten toad in the hole on a number of occasions but I’d never made it myself.

Chicken sausages are really versatile and suitable for lots of different dishes. Richmond chicken sausages are not only tasty but their chicken Sausages contain 30% less fat and 20% fewer calories than pork sausages and that’s something which certainly interested me. I am always looking for healthier options and learning new recipes to try out at home was super exciting.

During our cookery class we were shown 3 different meals which we could cook. These meals were recipes I am familiar with but they all had a new spin on them making them healthier and tastier for my whole family.

We began by making Toad in the hole. This was the best part! After 36 years I finally discovered how to make Yorkshire pudding. Angelica Bell showed us how to make it into a healthy meal by adding green veg, broccoli and peas and the food turned out so tasty.

I made my own Yorkshire Pudding batter and cooked Yorkshires in the oven. I then tried the Yorkshires with Richmond’s new chicken sausages, mash potato and a delicious onion gravy. It was so so good!

We also learnt to make healthy chips with Sausages and home made baked beans which was really fun to learn.

richmond sausages

I can’t wait to give those a try at home. Making your own beans to go alongside Richmond Chicken sausages is a great way to keep the processed salt and sugar low.




angelica Bella

I really found the Richmond sausage launch fun and interesting. I now have some new knowledge and skills to help me make healthier meals for the family and I got to meet some great bloggers, chefs and of course Angelica Bell. I was excited to be given a recipe book to take home and we have already tested out the Toad in the hole recipe. My family loved it!

richmond sausages