Do More With Less: 5 Kitchenette Ideas That Don’t Skimp on Style

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Ah! Homeowners with more modest kitchen spaces often feel accursed and cramped. Many ultimately choose to sacrifice adjacent spaces to knock down the kitchenette walls and expand the area. You can do the same but this article is here to convince you of better alternatives. 

A 2024 study on modern kitchen design trends was pretty thought-provoking. It revealed that backsplashes get an overhaul almost 86% of the time. Other homeowners focused more on smaller yet essential elements like the hood or the cabinets. 

The thumb rule for this year is functional aesthetics, where practicality and longevity are becoming a predominant design factor. As aforementioned, simple yet solid changes can impart more character to your small kitchen than a complete demolition. Keep reading to discover five ideas to remodel your small kitchen without compromising on style. 

Kitchenette Ideas

Opt for Bold Flooring 

From what we are observing, 2024 is a year that is all about making a statement, and a bold one at that. This holds true even for the kitchen flooring (or flooring in general). Be it vibrant colors, checkerboards, or geometric patterns, people are letting floors become the canvas for their creative expression. 

If you wish to ‘floor’ guests or even yourself, it’s time to think outside the box. Like the ceiling with its curated lighting gives your eyes something to feast upon, let the floors redirect your gaze downwards.

Have you always pictured walking across a hot pink floor? Perhaps that is what is missing in your drab to fab kitchenette transformation anecdote. You can also invest in maintenance marvels like vinyl floors available in a variety of patterns, including herringbone, weave, stagger, and offset. 

If you do choose bold colors or patterns, keep this mantra in mind – business on the top, party at the bottom! In other words, let the kitchen walls and cabinets be pastel or neutral-colored to complement well with the bright flooring. 

Create a Cream Dream or Go Green Sheen 

Over the past few years, we’ve seen the color cream gain precedence for kitchen cabinets. Today, savvy homeowners are not shying away from an all-cream kitchen that exudes a luxurious and inviting vibe. 

Kate Dawson, an interior designer revealed to Forbes that white kitchens are fading away in 2024. The main reason is that people are tired of everything looking colorless and practically the same. 

The cream is not as bland as white, nor is it difficult to complement. This color pairs well with bright-colored shelves, eccentric turquoise flooring, or even a jet-black backsplash. What’s even more amazing is that cream or beige is available in several finishes and hues to create the cream dream single-handedly. 

Moreover, the cream will attract natural light to generate more depth and the optical illusion of space maximization. However, if you’re not into the beige aesthetics, opt for any Regency-inspired color palette. Yes, we are talking about the cozy, countryside appeal imparted by shades like forest or sap green. 

2024 designers are not sticking to just a boring green wall. They are incorporating this versatile hue into cabinets, kitchen islands, and even cabinet knobs. Better yet, you can include real plants to take the sustainably maximalist approach.

The two colors we mentioned are just the tip of the iceberg. What if you want your humble cookery to become a modern-day oasis for healthful meals? Simply play with the different shades of green out there. 

For instance – the kitchenette’s corners can use some delicate sage green, its island can do well with a darker shade of Jade green. The backsplash, on the other hand, can be more energetic with lime green mixed with a hint of yellow. The best news is that the possibilities are practically endless. 

Embrace Period Quirks 

What if you’re a lover of all things vintage? Perhaps you romanticize the slow-living cottagecore era of the Victorian Age? Thankfully, there is no need to give up on your yearnings for all that coziness bathed in rustic charm and sunbeams. 

Even modest cookeries can be transformed into cottagecore aesthetics using some period-appropriate natural elements. Examples of typical Edwardian or Victorian-era kitchens would include metallic accents, statement floral wallpapers, and antique furniture. 

You can also make woven or wooden textures the cornerstone of the space in the form of jute rugs, wooden cabinets, marble countertops, etc. For a more vintage look, sandblast the existing cabinets to complement the rustic walls or give the walls themselves a makeover with unassuming neutral colors. 

Introduce Sleek Open Shelving 

You already have a compact kitchen. Keeping everything closed off simply gives off a cramped and suffocating look. This is precisely why 2024 is the year to embrace open-floor concepts, even when it comes to cabinets and shelves. 

As per the Kitchen Distributors, open shelves over countertops allow space for decorative pieces that add elegance and character to the kitchen. For instance – you can use the open shelves to display your valuable ornate chinaware or vintage metal accents. In between these eye-catching elements, place small planters that purify the surrounding air and enhance visual appeal. 

Lyndsye Felsman, a home stager, and designer herself, discusses how she remodeled her kitchen using open shelves. Though she originally planned to display her vintage crockery collected over the years, the shelves offered extra storage space. 

The lack of vertical dividers kept things clean and tidy, and daily items were easily accessible even on super-busy days. So, the final result will be both functional and aesthetically pleasing. 

Trick Eyes with the Illusion of Light and Space 

One universal concern plaguing homeowners with kitchenettes is that of space. Notwithstanding all the laborious decluttering, it can seem like there is never enough room. Besides, it’s equally difficult to create the appearance of more space when you practically have none. 

If you’re struggling with a similar problem, consider a strategic placement of mirrors inside your cookhouse. They will not only expand the space you have but also reflect natural light for a more open vibe. So, how can you play with perspective using mirrors?

  • Install a mirrored backsplash that allows you to gaze into the distance. 
  • Have mirrored cabinet doors that reflect the objects in front for the illusion of space maximization. 
  • You can even have an entire wall mirrored to extend the kitchen on one side. 
  • Let a mirror sit facing a window so it can reflect light and display the breathtaking outdoors. It will feel like the external world has come within. 

We just saw how less can always be more, or at least hold the potential for more. Based on the ideas this article just talks about, we would highly recommend concentrating efforts on a singular large element or various smaller ones. 

This means you can give your kitchenette walls an overhaul or renovate the island. Alternatively, you can change the cabinet knobs, introduce floating open shelves, and change the countertop color. In any case, keep it budget-friendly but with a big impact on the overall appeal of the space. 

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