Do These 4 Things Every Night to Keep Your House Clean

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When your home isn’t clean, it can make you feel frustrated and cluttered and adversely affect your mental and overall health. Keeping your house tidy is challenging when you work, have children or pets and just live in your home. 

Creating a cleaning schedule and staying on top of things can maintain order and help you thrive in the chaos of daily life. Follow these tips to keep your space tidy throughout the week. 

Spring Cleaning Tips

1. Clean As You Cook 

The kitchen is often the most challenging place to keep clean in your home, especially if you cook meals daily. Cleaning while you cook might take some adjustment, but it’s well worth it. It’s easy for a kitchen to become trashed as soon as you cook a meal quickly. 

Wash dishes as you cook or put them in the dishwasher. You can fill up your sink with hot water and dish detergent to drop dishes and utensils into as you finish cooking a dish. This can make the process much simpler once you complete the meal. Once the meal is ready to serve, take a few moments to tidy up before you sit down or clean up right after you eat. 

Set a timer to remind yourself how quickly you performed this chore the next time you want to wait until the next day to clean the kitchen. Waking up in a clean space can boost your mood. Imagine a freshly cleaned kitchen as you brew your coffee or make breakfast. It’s worth the extra few minutes. 

2. Wipe Down Surfaces

Surfaces rapidly collect germs everywhere in your home. Wiping down countertops and tables can take less than a minute and significantly improve your home. Surfaces in the kitchen collect food, spills and other bacteria that can contaminate other areas. Bookshelves and tables collect dust that can contribute to allergies. 

Wiping them down is an easy and quick way to keep the space clean and reduce the attraction of pests and stains that are difficult to remove. Deep and thorough cleaning is essential and comes with myriad benefits for your household, but it is time-consuming. When your house is clean, you have a reduced risk of asthma and allergy symptoms, more productivity and increased focus. 

If you have the means, hire a professional to deep clean your home once every month. Wiping down surfaces can help maintain a clean home between deep scrubbing appointments. Quickly wiping down the bathroom counter and sink can keep your bathroom looking clean between regular cleans. Put away beauty products at night and keep antibacterial wipes handy for easy access and a quick wipe down. 

3. Pick Up Clutter

Clutter can make a room look much messier than it is. Take a few moments to sweep the house every evening before bed. Pick up everything off the floor, fold throw blankets and tidy up the pillows on the couch. You might be surprised how quickly the room looks pulled together from a few simple adjustments. 

You can make piles for each family member to put away on their way to bed. Picking up after yourself as you go about your day can also make cleaning more manageable when it comes time to do a deep clean. Never leave a room empty-handed when there are things you can carry into another room to put away. 

Ensure that everything has a place. Staying organized is the key to keeping a tidy house and is phenomenal for your mental health. It can improve sleep, decrease stress and boost your mood. Utilize baskets, bookshelves, coat racks and drawers to maintain a tidy organizational system in your home. Give everyone a space for their things and help them stay on top of their tasks. 

4. Make Task Lists

Task lists are essential to an organized lifestyle. Make a task list every night of the things you want to accomplish the next day. Write down the chore you want to achieve and feel that satisfaction when you physically check it off your list the next day. Getting everything down on paper can help your mind relax and help you remember things you want to accomplish. 

Chore charts are lists that ensure your family works as a team. Make a daily, weekly or both chore chart that lists what cleaning duties everyone is responsible for with deadlines. For example, your daughter could take the trash out, sweep the floor every evening and clean the bathroom once a week. 

Laundry is another chore that piles up quickly that only takes a few moments every day. Put a load of laundry in the washer before you start dinner, throw it in the dryer once dinner is complete and then fold and put it away before you go to bed. Make a deep cleaning schedule to perform once a week on top of your daily cleaning, like mopping the floors on Saturday, organizing miscellaneous items, and sorting the mail on Sunday. 

Nightly Cleaning Duties

These small changes in your daily schedule can make a significant difference in the cleanliness of your space. Get yourself on a schedule and watch the magic happen as you spend a few moments every evening drastically changing the appearance of your home. Read more about it here.

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