How to Keep Your Home Clean

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They say that home is where the heart is and that is certainly true in the UK with Brits spending the majority of their days inside their home. With so much time spent in our homes, you’d have thought they would be spotless, so homeowners can enjoy the sight of their clean homes. However, that isn’t always the case. Some Brits have admitted to only cleaning their entire home once a year which is bound to leave it looking rather grubby inside.

Why Keep a Clean Home?

Keeping a clean home is so important for both physical and mental reasons. For starters, having a clean home will let you wow any guests that step foot in your home which will leave you with a sense of pride when they compliment it. Clean homes are also less cluttered and more organised too which means it’ll be easier to find the items you need around the home. 

Research also suggests that cleaning our homes is great for our mental health too. This is because it can reduce stress and feelings of anxiety. Plus, having clean sheers can also ensure a better night’s sleep too!

Breaking the Barriers to Cleaning

With so many benefits, why don’t people want to clean their houses more often? Well, it’s because many of us may experience a mental block when it comes to cleaning – especially after a hard week at work or school. Others may also experience barriers such as ill mental health or limited physical activity too which makes it harder to get started with the cleaning. Find out more about support with house cleaning or deep cleaning here.

When someone is experiencing any of these symptoms, the standard of cleaning also drops too which partners may not be too happy about, According to research done by fitted furniture specialists Hammonds, this was a cause of tension for around 15% of Brits which shows just how prevalent it is.

So, How Can You Keep Your Home Clean?

Create a Daily Plan

Rather than having to dedicate your precious weekend time to cleaning your home, try to tackle small jobs every day so that you’re not left with only tasks you hate at the end of the week. This may mean completing more popular tasks like hoovering, which was 13% of Brits top chore, throughout the week then leaving your laundry and dusting until the weekend when you have more time to muster up the energy to do it. 

The most important thing for creating a plan is to ensure all tasks are on it. Otherwise, you’ll have more work to do the following week.

Share the Load

There’s nothing worse than feeling like you’re the only one pulling the weight when it comes to cleaning, yet Hammonds found that 22% of those surveyed felt this way in their own home. Making sure everyone in the home knows what they’re responsible for is crucial to keeping the peace around the home and ensuring everyone’s work feels valued. 

However, with Hammonds finding that 17% of people admit their female partner does the majority of the housework, more effort is needed to successfully share the load with partners.

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