50 Things That Make Me Happy!

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50 Things That make me Happy!

  1. My daughter Sylvia. She is the joy of my life.
  2. My hubby John. He makes me happy every day.
  3. Yoda & Casper – our Bichon Frise dogs
  4. Fluffy pillows
  5. Fresh bedding- it just feels great.
  6. Watching “Survivor” on CBS. It’s my favourite reality show.
  7. Singing. I love to sing.
  8. Having Family Night every Monday.
  9. Watching Sylvia dance- It’s always fun.
  10. Egg custards- sometimes John and I have an egg custard Marathons- don’t ask!
  11. Disney Movies
  12. Rain. I love standing in the rain.
  13. My religion. I love it. I believe it. I live it.
  14. My husband John. He makes me happy every day.
  15. Eye shadow- you can never have enough eye shadow
  16. The Animated Living Scriptures.- The children’s cartoon version of the Bible and the Book of Mormon.
  17. My Superwoman pyjamas.
  18. A clean house. It helps me feel relaxed.
  19. Popcorn Sundays- I watch a movie on Sunday with Sylvia and John with our bowl of popcorn!
  20. Finding bargains at the local charity shops.
  21. Cranberry juice.
  22. Visiting family
  23. Taking my daughter on outings and adventures. (When I’m well enough)
  24. When my daughter draws me a picture for me and gives it to me- so sweet.
  25. Making a sale on eBay. It declutters the home and puts money in the pocket.
  26. Seeing my husband happy. When John is happy, it makes me happy!
  27. Milo- I love a good cup of Milo
  28. Spending time with my Mum. (She lives in New Zealand and when we are together, I’m very happy).
  29. Esther from Inside-out-and-about. I love spending time with Esther. We don’t do it enough!
  30. Tonga- I love Tonga in the Pacific Islands.
  31. Sleeping- You can’t beat a good rest.
  32. Ninja Warrior- Sylvia and I love watching this together. It’s so funny!
  33. Disney movies. Tangled is my favourite. looking forward to Moana the Pacific Island Disney Movie.
  34. Musical Productions.
  35. My nieces and nephews. I have 12 now.
  36. Mary Poppins.
  37. Shopping at Ikea- My favourite shop of all time.
  38. Not feeling dizzy-  Simply because this is part of my everyday life. When I’m not dizzy, I’m happy.
  39. Blogging
  40. Journal writing- I have kept a journal since I was sixteen
  41. Felt tip pens. – I love to brainstorm with them. I get new one’s every birthday!
  42. Sitting in front of the fan. (I overheat a lot)
  43. Spending Money- Kerching! Who doesn’t feel happy with spending money?
  44. Hotter Shoes- I love them – especially my Court style ones. I have 3 pairs in red, gold and brown.
  45. When Sylvia says something funny! It cracks me up.
  46. Holidays in the Sun.
  47. Having my back massaged. It’s simply the best!
  48. Spa days.
  49. Sweet potato. I love recipes with Sweet potato.
  50. My Blogging Friends.

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    1. Thanks Jenni…I’ll check your’s out! IKEA is the best. I recently read that grown up’s were playing Hide and Seek in the stores! John pushes me in the wheelchair as we like to stay a “long” time and I cant walk that far but yes….it’s an awesome store!

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