Imaginative Ways to Save a Rained-Out Birthday Party

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Sometimes even the most meticulously planned events go awry, and no matter how much time you spend arranging and organising a special outdoor event, we’re always at the mercy of the weather! These days the weather is more unpredictable than ever before, so if your little one has a birthday party that’s rained out on the day, you might be wondering what to do next!

With all the food, decorations, activities, entertainment and gifts to think about – check out these gifts for 9 year old boys, here – it’s always a good idea to have an emergency plan in place should the weather take a turn for the worst. In this post, we’ll explore some imaginative ways you can save a rained-out birthday party. Read on to find out more.  

Have an Emergency Indoor Setting

Whenever you have an outdoor party planned, it makes perfect sense to plan for an indoor one too! The weather is unpredictable, and even the lightest of showers can stop play. Don’t worry too much about bringing wet decorations indoors after a soaking, set aside a room in your home and decorate it with separate items as a backup plan.

If you’re having an outdoor pool party, then it might not be possible to recreate the magic and fun of the water, but the kids can still wear their bathing suits and have plenty of towels on hand to keep them warm and dry! Have some indoor party games on standby should the weather take a turn for the worst and as a precaution, keep the party food covered and indoors where possible!

Back-up Food

If your kids’ party involves an outdoor BBQ and it’s unexpectedly rained off, it’s always worth having some backup party food just in case. Making some sandwiches to bring out in the event of a downpour will stop tummies rumbling, just remember to have plenty of crisps, jelly and ice cream and of course – cake! Alternatively, have some freezer favourites on hand like pizzas, nuggets and chips ready to go!

Be One Step Ahead

You might have noticed that poor weather is planned for the big day, but that’s fine as long as you’re one step ahead! It’s possible to save a rained-out party by placing shelter – such as tents, gazebos and awnings – around your backyard. You could also ask guests to avoid wearing their best clothes and bring their wellies, boots and raincoats instead! If the weather is warm, then the kids won’t mind getting a little wet. It also adds an extra element of fun to the party!


Sometimes, you have to know when you’ve been beaten and if the weather won’t play ball, then sometimes it’s safer to reschedule at a later date. Make a note on the invitations that if the weather is expected to be poor, that the party will be rescheduled on a specific date and ask parents to keep their children free that day.

Final Thoughts…

Don’t let rain stop play at your child’s birthday party, consider these helpful ideas to save their big day!

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