How to Throw an Incredible Baby Shower

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How to Throw an Incredible Baby Shower

How to Throw an Incredible Baby Shower

Did you know that baby showers are usually held in the early afternoon in the US? Some speculate the timing is a remnant of the Victorian-era tea parties. 

If you’re planning a baby shower for a mom-to-be but don’t know where to start, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Continue to read to find top-notch event planning tips. 

Think About the Basics

First, pick a place to host the baby shower. It can be a country club, house, a local park, or even a restaurant. Wherever you choose, make sure it has the environment that makes the expecting mom feel good. 

Next, chat with the party hosts to finalize the guest list (while ensuring they consider their party budget).

Finally, ask them about their preferred dates. You may suggest they pick sometime in the second or early third trimester (as it’s a popular choice among parents-to-be). The baby registry will be set up by then, and the mom-to-be won’t feel super tired (as she won’t be close to her due date). 

Send the Invitations

Send out invitations to let the guests know that the parents-to-be will throw a party. Include essential information such as the location, date, and time of the event. If you’re not sure of what time to host your baby shower, read this article on the best time of day for a baby shower.

Also, ensure you add the registry information, so guests don’t forget to bring Personalized Baby Gifts & Keepsakes to the baby shower. 

Pick a Baby Shower Theme

Once you’re done with the basics, it’s time to sort out the party planning. At first, it can seem overwhelming as there are tons of to-dos, but you can start by choosing a theme with the parents to be. 

Sure, a shower theme is not essential. Yet, many hosts think that having one can be beneficial: it makes it easier to decide on other aspects such as the decorations or invitations. 

Plan the Menu

You can select some of the mom-to-be favorite foods or stick with the theme (if there’s one). 

Plus, you can add some cute touches. Think of DIY mocktails, a rainbow-of-fruit display, an ice cream sandwich bar, and a pregnancy-safe charcuterie board. Check with the hosts to see if they’re on board, and voila. 

If the baby shower is planned to happen virtually, consider sending guests a basic list of ingredients to create a cute mocktail ahead of time so that they can toast during the event. 

Think of Personal Touches

Here are some event planning tips: since the reason to throw a baby shower is the parents-to-be, ensure their favorite tunes are playing on the day and that the flowers they love show up in the decoration. You might even want to make gender reveal cookies.

Plus, use pictures to personalize their party, displaying them in frames on a mantle or tables. It certainly will be cute to see the baby photos of the future parents and the future grandparents. 

Suggest Baby Shower Games

Many hosts enjoy fun activities during their baby showers. So give them some party ideas to approve: it can be something simple like asking guests to decorate plain onesies for the new baby or the classic ”my water broke” game. 

In the end, games can make a baby shower fun and unforgettable. They allow other parents to give the mom-to-be advice and are great icebreakers. 

Event Planning

Event planning isn’t easy, but it can be rewarding. Parents-to-be will forever appreciate the time and effort you put into making their special celebration happen.

So, be organized and plan things with the mom-to-be. Surely, everything will work out fine! You can do it. 

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