How to Start Keto Diet Dos and Dont’s

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Tips for how to start keto diet do’s and don’ts.

Keto doesn’t have to be overly complicated, and you don’t have to know all of the scientific details as to why it works so well. However, you do need to follow some basic principles and guidelines to ensure maximum success.

how to start keto diet

The Do’s When Starting the Keto Diet

There are mistakes you can and will make when starting the keto diet or any new way of eating. You don’t have to be perfect, but unless you follow the keto guidelines and stay in ketosis , you are going to end up frustrated.

With any diet or dietary change, you have to listen to your body above all else. You know your body better than anyone else does, so listen to it.

Eat 3 Meals a Day on Keto

Not everyone enjoys eating breakfast, so if that’s you… drink a herbal tea or hot drink with grass-fed butter added. Your best bet for breakfast is a protein rich meal but I know some people really hate breakfast so know that this is an option.

Lunch can be as easy as adding avocado to your egg salad.

keto avocado lunch


Overall, you should only eat when you are hungry, and stop eating when you are full. Keto foods can fill you up quickly so you may find that you’re not hungry at all. Try to eat enough so you don’t get headaches.

Listen to your body and enjoy the food you are eating. Eat your veggies every meal.

Vegetables help to get the vitamins and minerals you need and may help to counteract some side effects that may occur with beginning a keto diet (like headaches).

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keto diet swaps

Exercise on the Keto diet

Every morning as soon as you get up, move a little, stretch, and wake your body up. You will feel better and you will find you are more productive throughout the day.

Exercise will help you reach your goals for weight loss and better fitness.

How to Start Ketogenic Diet – The Don’Ts

When you “mess up”, don’t beat yourself up too badly about it. We all make mistakes! Own up to it and keep on going. Don’t let your whole day be messed up because you messed up at one meal.

You’re looking for long term results and staying on the keto diet and achieving your goals is the focus.

So when you mess up or forget to count a carb or two, or eat a donut, don’t beat yourself up about it.

Just drink some water, get back in the game, and stay focused on your goals!

Don’t Nibble

Bring your own snacks wherever you go. Tasty snacks like these {link to grocery list} are easy to make and take with you. Think high protein, high fat, low carb. Steer clear of nibbling. Nibbling is counterproductive. Keep your end goal in mind and you will do fine.

More Keto Diet Tips

Don’t Forget Your Water

Water is essential to our overall health. Most of us need to consume more water! Don’t over do it, but make sure you are getting enough water in. Water helps us to fight off that hungry feeling when we aren’t really hungry, and helps to counteract some of the initial side effects of starting a new dietary program. 

drink water on keto diet

Don’t Forget to Congratulate Yourself

Don’t let a day go by without congratulating yourself for doing an awesome job. Keeping yourself motivated by giving yourself credit each day for your successes will create a snowball effect and help you keep going.

Set interim goals as well as your end goal, and as you achieve your goals, reward yourself for them.

Remember: rewards should be something other than food!

Don’t Forget Salt!

Salt is essential to your success on the keto diet. Salt contains the electrolytes magnesium, calcium, and potassium you need avoid headaches that are common when starting the keto diet.

Go for sea salt rather than table salt. You can also supplement with individual electrolytes.



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