Brilliant Children’s Books About Siblings

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Are you wanting to celebrate Brothers and sisters day? Maybe you’re having a baby and want to prepare your child to be a big brother or sister? If so they these children’s books about siblings will be super useful.

Reading sibling books with kids can be super beneficial in helping toddlers and young children better understand the role of becoming a big brother or sister.

How Do I Prepare My Child for a New Baby?

Preparing your child to welcome a new baby isn’t always the easiest thing to do. In no time, your child will no longer be the baby and they’ll need to share that attention. 

You can prepare your child for a new baby by:

  • Giving them a baby doll and inviting them to help care for the fake baby.
  • Spending special time with your child before the baby comes and after the baby comes.
  • Talk to your child about having a new baby in the home and what it means. 
  • Invite your child to help take care of the new baby. They can help give the new baby a bath, read to the new baby, and so much more!

Books About Brothers and Sisters

Reading books about brothers and sisters not only teaches toddlers and young children about family dynamics, it can also help prepare a child for the changes that will come when a new baby arrives.

Looking at picture books with little ones can help them to better understand the roles of big brothers and sisters.

When Is Brothers and Sisters Day?

Did you know there is an annual day to celebrate brothers and sisters! That’s right Brothers and sisters day is on on the 2nd May every year and is a great day to read sibling books with the little ones.

Sibling Books That Help Prepare for a New Baby

Here is a list of fantastic sibling books for toddlers and preschool kids.

Babies Don’t Eat Pizza

babies don't eat pizza book about babu brothers and baby sisters

What to Expect When Mommy’s Having a Baby

what to expect when mommy's having a new baby a book for kids

The New Baby

The new baby books for kids

How To Be A Baby By Me The Big Sister

how to be a baby book for children about being a big sister

We Are Brothers, We Are Friends

we are brothers we are freinds. Kids book about baing a brother

Bella’s Baby

bellas new baby. a book about being a big sister for kids

A New Baby Is Coming

a new baby is coming. A guide for a big brother or big sister

The New Small Person

the small new person a book about being a big brother or big sister

I’m A Big Sister

i'm a big sister book for kids to read

Big Sister’s Are The Best

big sisters are the best children's book for kids to learn about being siblings

Good Night New Baby

a new baby in the family book goodnight new baby book for kids

God Gave Us Two

god gave us two a book about becoming a big sister or big brother

What To Expect When The New Baby Comes

what to expect new baby book for children

My Big Brother

my big brother a book about siblings

Big Brothers Are The Best

big brothers are the best a book about being a big brother

Just Me And My Little Brother

just me and my little brother book for kids about siblings brother and sisters book

Good Night Little Sister

good night little sister a book about being a sister or big brother

My Brother Charlie

my brother charlie, a book about being a big sister and having a little brother

Welcome Little One

welcome little one a book about having a sibling, brother or sister

What Sisters Do Best

what sisters do nest , a book about sisters

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