How to Start Consulting Online

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Our online life has changed. We used to be online for fun. We now run our business, work, study and shop without leaving our sofa. There is an increased demand for online services. An educational consultant should evaluate which online platform best suits their services and the needs of their target market.

How to Start Consulting Online

Exploring Your Options

Have you seen the statistics for online users in 2023? Most of the world is online. You might not even need an office for an educational consulting business anymore. Technologies offer new approaches to traditional businesses. Online platforms can be used for meetings, seminars and workshops. Since the pandemic a big chunk of our life has moved to e-conferences on Zoom or GoogleMeet. 

Going Online in Educational Consulting

A business plan consultant will help you evaluate the potential and perspectives of your business strategy. But you can use an educational consulting business plan as a template to write your own. Search for examples that offer online services. They will be different from offline models. Research and analyze what different online platforms offer. Some platforms will be more suitable for your business depending on which services you plan to offer. 

Perks of an Online Business 

Going online doesn’t bind you to a regional market. Your target audience can be anywhere in the world. The only requirement is to have a stable internet connection. Which also applies to you as a service provider. Without restrictions of geographical character, the services are accessible to a broader audience. You can expand into new regional markets with minimal costs.  

What’s to Offer?

Before diving head on into research, you have to identify the scope of services you will offer as an educational consultant. Traditionally an educational consulting agency offers some or all of the following:

  • Consulting future students on entry requirements, loans, and other relevant information for colleges and universities. 
  • Offering businesses e-training and workshops options for professional development of their  employees.
  • In cooperation with high schools providing workshops and career consulting for school students.
  • Cooperation with colleges and universities. 

Our lifestyle demands a more flexible approach for service providers. Technology today makes it possible for a student to obtain a degree or complete courses from home or while traveling. A student no longer needs to relocate or live on the campus. Research what your target market is looking for. Understanding demand will help you come up with a unique business proposition in educational consulting. 

Online Presence for Brand Creation

It is difficult for a business to exist without having an online presence. Only some niche areas can do business without going online. 

Interaction With Your Target Market on Social Media

Social networks create a convenient way to communicate with your target market. To build a trustworthy consulting brand your social media should show that you are not a scam. Potential consumers will look at your content, follower numbers, account interaction, comments and reviews before signing up for your services. You can quickly answer questions, gather feedback and communicate on social media. For example, the conveniency of communication through direct messaging (DM). Though less formal than emails, DMs are now becoming a part of business and sales communication. Social media can also help you analyze profile traffic, generic new visits and interaction.

A Web Presence

Creating a strong social media presence is a good marketing move, but it isn’t enough. For an educational consulting business you need a website. A website provides detailed information on your services and makes your business look trustworthy. A website should include application forms and payment methods for your services. You may also include a section for articles to highlight your expertise.

Understanding Your Target Market

Your marketing strategy should be based on how your target market communicates. If your services include training or workshops for small and medium businesses, a direct approach via e-mail is best. While sponsored social media posts will result in interaction with a younger audience, such as high school students, or individuals exploring opportunities for further education.

Deciding About Office Space

It all depends on the needs of your target market and how you plan on providing your services. You might not need an office. An office space can be used as a workplace for your employees and to provide offline services for your consumers. An offline workplace limits you to employment of local specialists. To be a competitive player on the market you have to employ the best specialists. An offline position limits you to potential employees in your area. Otherwise you may need to consider relocation costs. Consider a flexible approach towards an online workplace or a mix of both.  This way your search for a potential employee will not be limited by their location. 

About the Reviewer: 

Jakub Babkins, a business plan consultant and writer at OGS Capital, has over ten years of experience in business planning with expertise in developing strategic business plans supporting startups and focusing on growth of small and medium sized businesses. 

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