Hair Extensions Cost: How Much You Should Spend on Hair Extensions

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It’s no secret that hair extensions are an excellent solution for women with thin or short hair. They add length and thickness to your hair, making it look fuller, longer, and beautiful. Plus, they allow you to flaunt many different hairstyles. 

But how much do hair extensions cost, you ask! Cost is a crucial factor that you must consider when buying hair extensions, whether in-store or online. The price of extensions depends on many different factors, such as the types of extensions and the application method. The length, density, shade, and weight also determine the cost of extensions. 

Hair Extensions Cost

Average Cost of Hair Extensions

Hair extensions can cost as little as $25 or as much as $3,000. Most women buy extensions in the range of $200 to $600. But what sets apart the different types of hair extensions in terms of price? As mentioned above, the main thing that determines the price of extensions is the extension type.

Hair extensions are typically available in three different forms: synthetic, human hair, and Remy human hair. Synthetic extensions are the cheapest, costing just $25 to $100. Next comes human hair extensions that cost $120 to $500. And finally, a set of Remy human hair extensions can cost $150 to $3,000, depending on the brand, length, volume, and weight.

Synthetic extensions are the cheapest because they’re made from artificial fibers instead of human hair. These extensions don’t look natural, and they don’t blend properly with your hair. Also, you cannot pull them into different styles. 

On the other hand, human hair extensions are made from real human hair. They look natural, blend with your own hair to a great extent, and you can style them however you want. As such, they cost more than synthetic wefts. If you are looking for human hair bundles, you may find the cost a bit steep, but it is definitely worth investing in high-quality human hair extensions. These bundles come with multiple wefts of premium quality human hair that have been carefully sewn together to create a full and beautiful set. They can be styled, dyed, and treated just like your natural hair.

When it comes to Remy hair extensions, these cost the most because the hair strands have the cuticles intact. This means the extensions will match your natural hair’s direction, flow, and movement. Also, they blend perfectly with your hair, allowing you to wear them in many different styles. 

We recommend you always buy good brands like Zala human hair extensions because you don’t want to waste your hard-earned money on poor-quality products. Also, Remy human hair extensions from a trusted and reputed brand will last longer than a lesser-known brand.

Cost of Extensions in Terms of Application Method

In terms of application methods, the following are the common hair extensions available on the market:

1. Tape-in hair extensions

2. Clip-in hair extensions

3. Halo extensions

4. Ponytail extensions

Other application methods include fusion extensions, sew-ins, and micro-loops. These involve sophisticated installation methods, so you must visit a salon to have them applied. 

Tape-in wefts cost $300 on average. This is the cost of Remy human hair extension from reputed brands like Zala. Of course, synthetic or human hair tape-in extensions will cost less. 

And as the name implies, tape-in extensions come as individual wefts with a tape adhesive at the base. The wefts are applied individually by sandwiching a tiny portion of your hair between the double-sided tape. You must visit a hairdresser to install these wefts because you may damage the wefts and your hair if you try it at home. 

Once applied, the tape-in wefts will remain in your hair for several weeks. You’ll have to get a salon appointment to move up the extensions after every two to three weeks, since hair growth can make them come loose. 

The average price of clip-in human hair extensions is $200. These extensions also come as individual hair wefts but with tiny clips at the base. Clip-ins are temporary extensions, meaning you can apply, remove, and reapply them whenever you want. The best part? You can install these extensions yourself: simply snap open the clips, put the wefts in your hair, and close the clips. 

Halo human hair extensions cost $100 to $200 on average. Halo extensions come as a single, large hair weft with a circle, invisible wire to hold the weft securely on your head. This type does not involve the use of clips or adhesive. Plus, the extensions do not attach directly to your own hair; the wire holds the weft on your head like an angel’s halo. 

Ponytail extensions are clip-in wefts explicitly designed for women who want to flaunt ponytail hairstyles. One ponytail extension costs $50 to $90. It comes as a single hair weft with a special clip at the base to put it into your ponytail. 

Length and Weight Affect an Extension’s Price

The length of an extension plays an integral part in determining its price. The standard sizes are 12-inch, 14-inch, 16-inch, 20-inch, 24-inch, 26-inch, and 30-inch. 

This means a 24-inch clip-in extension will cost higher than its 12-inch counterpart. For example, a 24-inch Remy human hair extension will cost $50 to $100 more than a 12-inch extension set. And as the length increases, the price will increase accordingly.

It’s also essential to consider the weight of the wefts when looking for the best hair extensions onlineor in-store, because that too affects the price. Keep in mind that the number of hair strands used determines the weight of the weft. The higher the weight, the heavier and more voluminous the extensions, and thus, the higher the price.

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