How to Transform a Bathroom in 10 Ways

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A bathroom is a place of relaxation and self-care. It’s there to provide solace when getting ready in the morning or winding down for bedtime. 

It’s therefore important to create the right ambience and atmosphere, which is achieved with an abundance of features. From luxurious rainfall showers to heated underflooring, there are many little and big changes that can be made to make any bathroom feel like it’s part of a spa.

If there’s a bathroom in the home that needs transforming, then here are ten ways to transform the bathroom this year.

Replace Existing Tiling With Some New Ones.

Tiling is a great way to make bathroom walls more durable against the moisture that comes from bathrooms. That’s why most bathrooms will typically find tiling in a bathroom, whether that’s around the shower or bathtub, to the room being covered in tiles.

Regardless of what type of bathroom tiling is needed, it’s important that the best quality is selected. With Tile & Bath Co Subway Tiles, there are plenty of colour choices available with excellent, quality finishes.

Add in a Rainfall Showerhead.

If a relaxing spa vibe is what a household is after, then there’s nothing quite like a rainfall showerhead to create that feel and vibe. Being enveloped by water from directly above is a feeling that will have you no longer revert to the standard shower head that spits out water onto the body haphazardly. 

There’s nothing quite like the luxury of having a rainfall showerhead, which is why it’s a must in the bathroom. They’re relatively easy to install and affordable!

Improve Storage Options With Floating Shelves.

When it comes to the bathroom, storage can often be a problem. That’s why it’s important to look at different storage options, including floating shelves. Floating shelves don’t require any floor space and can be more than enough to help store anything and everything on them. 

From candles to indoor plants and haircare products, it’s all useful for storing on these floating shelves. Some often have floating shelves within the shower too in order to provide more space for storing items.

Eliminate Clutter for a Minimalist Look.

Clutter becomes a problem anywhere within the home, which is why it’s important to try and stay on top of it. The bathroom can house a lot of clutter, from empty bottles to half-used products that could do with putting to the front of the to-use pile.

Consider doing a clear out of all the clutter that’s potentially taking up a lot of room. Chances are, half of the products in the bathroom never get used after one or two uses and in fact, it’s now possibly gone past their use-by date.

Add Some Indoor Nature.

Indoor plants are said to be extremely beneficial for the home and for being a mood booster. Adding some nature to the bathroom is a great way of incorporating that relaxed, spa-like atmosphere many are aiming for in their homes.

Whether it’s a spider plant or a bit of ivy, one or two little touches of greenery can go a long way to help transform a fairly plain space. If looking after plants is something that’s not possible within the home, then buy fake ones. No one will notice the difference!

Invest in Heatproof Mirrors.

Within the bathroom space, mirrors are a great addition to help bring in the illusion of the room being bigger. Not only that but it can help with seeing oneself in the mirror to do all the necessary pruning and primping required.

Heatproof mirrors are a wonderful addition to the bathroom because a mirror is helpful until it mists up and nothing can be seen. With heatproof mirrors, part of the mirror or all of the mirror will remain visible and clear for the person to see themselves in.

Get a Heated Towel Rail.

To help with creating that relaxed and cozy vibe in the bathroom, a heated towel rail is a worthwhile choice. These are much like a radiator but are much easier to fold a towel over and heat up. That way, when stepping out of the shower or bathtub, the person can envelop themselves into a warm towel, rather than a cold one.

With heated towel rails, it also helps dry off the towels quicker so that the towels can be used sooner rather than later.

Buy High-Quality Towels.

Investing in happiness is important and while not all happiness comes from materialistic things, there are some items that can bring joy. It’s important to appreciate the simple things in life and that could be something as joyous as high-quality towels.

Towels, that are warm and fluffy, rather than being brittle and coarse on the skin. It’s a small change but can make a big difference to the bathroom space when there are fluffy towels to touch.

Replace Any Shower Curtains With Glass.

Shower curtains, although more affordable, can get easily damaged due to mould and tears in the material itself. They’re not the most durable material to use within the bathroom,  especially when it comes to moisture. It’s much better to use something like glass instead.

Glass shower doors, such as those offered by Gatsby Glass, is a popular and excellent choice for shower enclosures. Glass is highly durable and easy to maintain, as it can be easily wiped down to remove water spots and soap scum. Unlike shower curtains, which can accumulate mold and mildew over time, glass doors do not provide a surface for bacteria and fungi to grow, making them a more hygienic option for your bathroom.

Paint Any Worn and Tired-Looking Walls.

To give a bathroom that little transformation on a budget, why not paint those tired-looking and worn walls? Use moisture-resistant paint and give the bathroom a new injection of colour. It might be that it’s similar to the soft furnishings or it’s a neutral option to keep things simple.

As an affordable option, it can be a quick but effective way of making the bathroom feel brand new.

Transforming the bathroom with these tips will make a big difference to how it feels and looks to those who live in the home. Make full use of these tips to breathe new life into the bathroom space.

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