How to Safely Move, Store Large Seasonal Decorations

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The holiday season is a great time to set up your home with creative beautiful holiday decorations

Of course, while it might make sense to buy one or two new decorations every year, it’s more economical to reuse your existing decorations when the holiday season rolls around.

That being said, the only way to make sure your decorations are in great condition for reuse is by storing them properly. 

Imagine you go to unpack your holiday decor and find it all in disarray— broken ornaments, chipped ceramic pieces, warped lights, or a damaged tree. Quite disappointing. 

When moving/ storing your holiday decorations, you need to exercise great care, especially with large items. 

If you’re looking to DIY your way through, there’s a proper way to do it by simply following this how-to guide: 

Plan the Process

Before moving pieces, you need to know the size of your items, when you intend to move them, and where you plan to store them. 

In the basement? An attic? An extra room? Storage closet? Or an external storage facility? Knowing these help you figure out how to move the pieces. 

Disassemble Large Pieces 

Large pieces like artificial Christmas trees can be taken apart and you should do this before you start the moving process. These five easy steps will help you properly disassemble your tree. 

Reduce large items into smaller pieces if you can. Doing this will help prevent damage and help you move things easier. 

When removing screws or other tiny parts, keep them in a labeled storage container until it’s time to reassemble everything for the next holiday season.

Don’t drag pieces across the floor 

A noteworthy tip for large pieces that can’t be lifted: push, don’t pull, or drag. It’s easier and more effective to push than to pull large pieces. 

However, don’t just push items around without care as it can ruin the flooring. 

Use moving aids 

Moving aids like sliders, pads, blankets, liners, or a dolly, help you move large pieces easily. If you don’t have one, you can create a makeshift one from old blankets. 

Simply lay the blanket on the floor and lift your item on it. With this, you can slide items across the floor or move large pieces on the stairs. 

Use the right storage item 

A holiday piece common in every home is the Christmas tree. Storing your Christmas tree is a lot easier when you keep them the right way. The storage you use will determine if your pieces would be in good condition to be used for the next holiday.

To pack your tree, simply backtrack from the steps you took to unpack it, making each branch as straight and compressed as you can. 

If your tree got delivered in a box, you can store it in this box. However, boxes deteriorate over time, and using a storage bag is preferable. 

Storing Especially Large Pieces at a Storage Facility

Storage facilities are great options if you don’t have available storage space in your home. 

To move large pieces to your preferred storage facility, you can get a reliable moving company to do the work for you.

They help move stuff easily and with no damage to your pieces. If you’re looking for a cross-country moving company, here are our recommendations on the most affordable and trusted moving services in the U.S.

Note, when storing large pieces at a storage facility, only pack the things you plan to reuse. 

Finally, create an inventory list of items moved to the storage facility. This is because it’s easy to forget what you have stored, especially if you put them away for a long period. 

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