How to Keep Your Home Pest Free

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When the hot weather comes around, we throw open the doors and windows to feel the summer breeze. However, it’s not just the fresh air that enters your home. Plenty of bugs do too! Whether it’s flies, moths, ants, or cockroaches, it’s sometimes impossible to keep them out.

Not only is having a home filled with pests annoying, but it can also be a safety hazard. Pests can carry parasites and viruses that can cause harm to you and your family.

To ensure your household remains safe this summer, here are some of the best ways to get rid of those pests for good. These are a great solution to achieve a pest free home.

Use a Fogging Machine

A fogging machine can be used to spray a fine mist of chemicals and repellents across your floors to fumigate the area. This will kill any pests that are hiding within your carpets and keep your home safe and sanitized. It’s possible for fogging machines to spray as far as 12 metres, so no matter what size your rooms are, you’re covered!

Don’t Leave Leftovers

Flies and cockroaches love landing on any bits of food they can find. If you put a bit too much on your plate one night, don’t leave your leftovers on the kitchen counter. Instead, throw your leftovers away or place them in airtight containers to store in the refrigerator. Wash your dirty plates and keep your kitchen sparkling clean.

Wipe Surfaces Down

It’s not just your kitchen that needs to remain clean. And you need to pay attention to every service within your home. This includes your bathroom tiles, your bedside cabinet, your wardrobe doors. Keep your surfaces as clean as possible by regularly wiping them down with a cloth and cleaning products.

Empty the Trash Regularly

Even if you are scraping your plates clean after dinner each night, if you don’t regularly empty your trashcans, your kitchen can become a target for flies and bugs. Make sure to replace your trash bag at least once a week and keep the area around your trashcan as clean as possible.

Ventilate Your Home

Although opening the windows and doors can invite further tests into your home, it is necessary in order to ventilate your property. Ensuring there is good airflow in every room will reduce the chances of moisture and dampness, both of which can attract unwanted pests.

Keep an Eye on Your Pets

Unfortunately, your furry friends can be a breeding ground for certain pests like fleas. Make sure to regularly check your dog’s or cat’s fur for any signs of test infection. You should also wash and shake out your pet’s bedding at least once every fortnight. If you spot any fleas on the carpets or floors in your home, spray the surfaces with flea repellent.

Get the Vacuum Out

Making sure to regularly vacuum your carpets and floors can minimize the risk of a pest infection spreading through your home. This includes vacuuming your skirting boards! It’s also a great idea to vacuum your bedding and blankets to get rid of any bed bugs.

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