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How to Help Your Child Love Reading

Reading is very important for children to learn. It is a basic building block to a future of education. Even after school, they will need to read on a daily basis in their lives and it’s essential they learn to appreciate and understand reading from a young age. Some children take to this naturally, while others are more hesitant.

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Here are a few way you can help your child to love reading:

Introduce them to reading early – Some people start reading when they are still pregnant, and read to their babies. It’s never too soon (or too late) to start reading to your children.

Participate in reading with them – As they get older and start reading on their own, you should give up reading with them, too. They can have independent reading time but you should still make time for bedtime stories or other one-on-one reading sessions.

Read With Kids

Set a good example – Let your child see you reading often. Talk about what you’re reading.

Identify any problems with reading – If your child has a learning disorder or disability that is making reading more difficult, it’s important to spot this and get help with it early, before they start to associate bad feelings with the act of reading.

Find books your child can identify with. Maybe choose a book on a topic your child is interested in or customise a personalised book with your child’s name which can get them excited.


What are some ways you help your child to love reading? I’d love to hear your ideas!

Angela x

how to help your child love reading

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