How to Choose Your Baby’s Name

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There’s an old quote by Dale Carnegie that reads, Names are the sweetest and most important sound in any language.” Choosing your little one’s name can be fun and a little stressful. After all, your baby will have the name you choose for the rest of their lives. 

It can be a bit challenging to choose a name without knowing your baby. You might be wondering if the name you choose will suit their personality. You might even have made a shortlist of some of the most popular names currently doing the rounds. But, how do you choose a suitable and unique name among your list of popular monikers?

Fortunately, there are a few pointers you can follow to help you narrow down the process. Read on to see how easy it is to choose the most suitable name on your list. 

Research the Meaning of Baby’s Name Before Choosing

Meanings of names are important. As children get older they ask questions like, “What does my name mean?” The last thing you want to do when choosing a name for your daughter, such as the name Giselle, is that her name means “hostage”! 

Choose a name that has a special meaning that your little one can be proud of throughout their lives. Fortunately, many names have similar meanings.

For instance, if you want your little girl’s name to mean “Hope” but you feel that the actual word is too commonly used, you can shortlist names such as Minette, Nadine or even Ashia. All of these names mean “Hope” in their particular origins.

Say It Out Loud to Make Sure It Sounds Natural

Ideally, you want a combination of names that have a rhythmic flow when you pronounce them out loud. An example of this would be Catherine Elizabeth Jones. Notice how it flows? A name that doesn’t flow as well would be Jameson Anderson Nicholson. When parents are disciplining teenagers they often call out their names. Ask yourself if the chosen names would flow off your tongue easily. 

Check the Initials of the Name You Choose

A point to consider that many parents often forget is the words that the initials will spell. This is especially problematic when children are young as other children can use it as a bullying tool. A name like Angela Sarah Scott sounds like an elegant name, but the initials A.S.S in fact spell something completely different! Another example would be Dwayne Oliver Garret or D.O.G when it’s initialized. 

Write down the initials of the names you’ve shortlisted to ensure there are no funny combos! This goes hand in hand with saying it out loud. Again, if a name doesn’t fit in the combo, consider swapping it out for a different name with the same meaning. You could also rearrange the names you’ve chosen to break up an awkward initial arrangement. 

While checking the initials of the prospective names, don’t forget to do a Google search on the names you’re considering. Just to make sure there isn’t another person with that name combination. After all, you want your little one’s moniker to be unique and dedicated just to them!

Some names are popular throughout the ages. They’re always on the lists and websites dictating the popular names of that particular period. If you have a few favorites on the list, it might be challenging to choose the best one. Being familiar with their meanings and origins may help with the process. Read on to see the top popular baby names and their meanings. 

  • Oliver: Originally from Latin and Old French origins, Oliver is the male version of Olivia and means olive tree planter. There are also some great middle names for Oliver that will go well with the name such as Edward or Gabriel. 
  • Ava: A lovely little girl’s name meaning “life”, Ava is another one of those classic names that never goes out of style. 
  • Lucas: A Latin name meaning “bringer of the light”, Lucas is a classic, time-old favorite. 
  • Olivia: The feminine version of Oliver meaning “olive tree”. A traditional name that’s making a huge comeback!
  • Liam: A strong Irish name meaning “Strong-willed warrior”, this name is a modern derivative of the traditional name William. 
  • Mia: A modern variation of the traditional name Maria, Mia means “mine” and is the perfect way to honor a grandparent named Maria but with a slightly modern twist. 
  • Nova: A “nova” is a star that shows a sudden increase in brightness. A perfect name for a little boy or girl born from parents who love astronomy. Or, if your little one adds brightness to your life, Nova is perfect!
  • Isabella: The Spanish version of Elizabeth is derived from the Hebrew name Elisheba. It means “pledged” or “devoted to God.” This name can also be shortened to “Bella” which is very popular with young girls. 
  • Noah: Believed to come from the Hebrew word “Noach” meaning “comfort.” It’s also the name of a prominent biblical figure. It’s a popular choice for Christian boys. 
  • Evelyn: With English origins, this classic name means “wished for child” and is a popular choice for little girls who are miracle babies. 

Final Thoughts

Choosing your little one’s name doesn’t have to be a difficult and stressful process. Simply list yours and your partner’s favorites as well as family names you might like to honor them. Then start the process of checking how the initials fit, how it sounds when you say it out loud and don’t forget to check the meanings. Also, do remember that the middle name position is a perfect place to slot in an honorary family name.

Naming your precious little one should be a fun and exciting process, something that you can tell your little one all about when they’re older. Choose a beautiful, meaningful name that your little one will be proud to own! To give you more tips on how to choose your baby’s name click here.

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