How Common Are Fatal Car Accidents in Concord, NC? Plus 4 Tips for Driving in Concord

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Collisions and other incidents on the road are a fact of life in every community, and Concord is no different in this regard.

That said, it’s useful to know a little about auto accident stats so that you’ve got a sense of how risky it is to get behind the wheel.

So what do the figures tell us about road safety in this part of North Carolina, and what can you do to protect yourself from danger?

Delving Into the Data

The most recent reports into car accidents in the state show that between the start of 2018 and the end of 2020, Concord recorded a total of 10,799 crashes, of which 16 resulted in fatalities.

Alcohol played a part in just 3.2 percent of all collisions, although it accounts for the lion’s share of fatalities in a typical year.

Annually, fatal accidents on the city’s roads sit in the single digits, with 2018 being the best year in recent times with just 3 deaths.

Advice for Road Users

Staying safe on the roads isn’t just about being cautious and sticking to the letter of the law; there are lots of other things to do to shield yourself from harm, such as:

Contacting an Experienced Concord Car Accident Lawyer

Working with experienced car accident lawyers in Concord is the best way to get a positive outcome from any incident you are involved in.

For example, a local attorney will be able to defend you from any criminal charges which stem from a collision, and also to seek compensation on your behalf if you are the victim of careless driving by a third party.

Maintaining Your Vehicle

Given that inebriation is rarely the cause for car crashes, it’s sensible to recognize that all sorts of other variables are at play, and many of these we have an obligation to mitigate with our own action.

Having a properly maintained, roadworthy vehicle is a good example of this. If you neglect everyday upkeep and repairs, such as checking tire pressures and tread depths, and ensuring brake performance is adequate, then the chances of a collision will be much higher.

It’s not just about keeping yourself safe behind the wheel, but also about respecting other road users and appreciating that the choices we make impact those around us as well.

Sticking to the Speed Limit

Throughout the more built-up areas of Concord, and across other communities in NC, the typical speed limit is 35mph.

Beyond these boundaries, it’s 55mph, rising to 70mph on sections of highways where signage clearly indicates this increase.

Speed limits are there for a reason, and taking a slow and steady approach which is in line with whatever limit is imposed on the road you’re traveling should serve you well from a safety perspective.

Using Other Transport Options

Remember that you don’t always need to take your own car in order to get from A to B in Concord, North Carolina.

Public transportation is extensive and operates across the city, as well as connecting with many other nearby settlements. So getting to work, school, or the store is made safer, more efficient, more sustainable and more affordable if you hop on a bus instead.

Final Thoughts

Cars are wonderful things, so long as they are driven safely and you know how to cope with the aftermath of an accident if one does occur. Concord also has a fairly good track record on road safety, but that doesn’t mean you should be anything less than vigilant when driving, cycling or walking near thoroughfares.

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