Top Tips for Maintaining Your Car

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Whether this is your first or fifth car, maintaining your wheels is crucial. Regardless of the make, model or age, keeping your car in tip top condition is vital for your family’s safety. We know looking after it can be expensive, but making sure you’re looking out for certain things each month can help save those pennies!

Here are some of our top tips for maintaining your run around…

The importance of regular maintenance 

Regular maintenance can take away a lot of the stress of owning and keeping a car. It will not only increase your safety while on the road, but it will ensure the car is always performing at its best. Prevent parts from breaking, wearing and bigger issues arising by keeping on top of your services and visits to the mechanics. 

Not only will regular maintenance keep you and your loved ones safe, but it’ll also save you money in the long run. With smaller bits of up-keep done more regularly, you’ll prevent larger, more costly issues from popping up!

Did you know that by keeping on top of your wheels, you’ll also save on the cost of fuel too? Especially important nowadays with high fuel prices: every penny counts! Unfortunately, if you skip one of your car’s services, it can sometimes result in your petrol/diesel usage being less efficient, costing you more on fuel as time goes on.

Things to Look Out For

When it comes to top tips for maintaining your car, don’t forget the importance of your suspension system. Consider upgrading to high-quality camaro coilovers to enhance your vehicle’s performance and ride comfort.

While some car repairs and maintenance you may be able to do yourself, some require certain tools or skills. Equally, they may be incredibly time-consuming or even dangerous if done yourself. When keeping your vehicle maintained, you’ll need to look out for:

  • Steering
  • Suspension
  • Engine warning light
  • Leaks
  • Unusual noises
  • Changes in driving comfort
  • Smoke or steam coming from under the bonnet

When to See a Mechanic

If your car experiences any of the above issues, unfortunately you’ll have to enlist the help of a mechanic! Most of these can often lead to dangerous situations, especially if not dealt with quickly. For example, if your steering is not rectified and problems resolved, it can lead to premature wear on your tyres or serious issues when driving. 

We know that seeing a mechanic and taking your car in for repairs can be costly, so you could explore a payday loan to cover the costs. You’ll have to be sure you can afford the repayments, but it could help you split the cost of repairs over a number of months. 

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