20 Healthy Homemade Dog Treats Your Dog Will Love

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Last week we took Yoda to the vet. He has bleeding on his leg and a huge bruise and we were not sure what had happened. The vet’s said he had caught his leg most likely the fence in our garden. He was given some medication and sent home. The Vet also noted that our little Bichon is overweight. It’s not an easy thing when you have two dogs and they often steal each others food. I guess the best thing we can do is feed our dogs small amounts and give them healthy treats in moderation. It’s a work in progress and today I’m sharing a list of yummy and healthy homemade dog treats your dog will love. 

20 Healthy Homemade Dog Treats

20 Healthy Homemade Dog Treats Your Dog Will Love

Just as eating healthy is important for humans, it is also important for our pets too! Of course, too much of a good thing can still be a bad thing. So, be sure to give your dog these healthy homemade treats in moderation. 


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Oatmeal Banana Dog Treats

With A Splash Of Color

These 3-ingredient puppy treats are made with oatmeal, peanut butter, and banana for a wholesome treat your puppy will love. Get the oatmeal banana dog treats recipe here!

Easy Peanut Butter Dog Biscuits

The Simple Life

Peanut butter is full of protein, and these peanut butter treats are ridiculously easy to make. And, these don’t have a ton of sugar so they are better for your dog’s teeth than store bought treats. 

peanut butter biscuit

Easy Pumpkin Dog Biscuits

Heart Hook Home

With these homemade treats, you know exactly what is in them. Plus, these treats are safe enough for even humans to eat, so you don’t have to worry if you have a little one running around. 

pumpkin biscuit

Peanut Butter Banana Grain Free Dog Treats


If you have a dog with gluten allergies, these treats are perfect. They are made with coconut flour instead of all-purpose flour. Additionally, these treats are made with carob which is a safe chocolate alternative for dogs. 

banana dog biscuit

Peanut Butter and Bacon Dog Treats

Inspiration Edit

Dogs love bacon! You should see them run for just one strip of bacon. This bacon and peanut butter dog treat is packed full of protein for the little runner in your life. 

dog treat

Homemade No Bake Dog Treats With Pumpkin and Oats

Two Little Cavaliers

These are perfect for fall time. While you sip your Pumpkin Spice Latte, your four-legged friend can chow down on some homemade pumpkin and oat treats. 


Homemade Dog Treats

A Cozy Kitchen

Made with oats, four, peanut butter, and some honey, your dog is in for a sugary treat. But, flavor isn’t all your little guy will get. Peanut butter is full of good proteins for your dog. 


Dog Treats

My Baking Addiction

There are 3-different recipes you can make in this post that are perfect as fall treats. Make your pooch peanut butter and pumpkin treats, sweet potato treats, or apple carrot treats. 


How to Make Your Own DIY Dog Treats


With this recipe, all you need is two jars of pureed baby food and flour or oats. Just make sure there are no onions or onion powder in it. 


Homemade Flax Seed Biscuits

Todd + Diane

This biscuits are mostly flour and flax seeds, so they should only be given in moderation. What makes them healthy is that there isn’t any harmful chemicals or additives in them. 


Strawberry Blueberry Yogurt for Dogs

Doggy Dessert Chef

Knowing what is in your dog’s treat is half the battle. With this recipe, there will be no laboring today. These easy, freezable treats will give you a day away from baking. 


DIY Frozen Apple Dog Treat Recipe

Irresistible Pets

These frozen apple dog treats are perfect for the dog days of summer. They will cool your dog down while giving them a burst of delicious apple flavor. 


Pumpkin Peanut Butter Oatmeal Dog Biscuits

Created by Daine

A little bit of pumpkin, little bit of oatmeal, and some peanut butter make the perfect doggie biscuits. In fact, these biscuits are great to have around even if you don’t own a dog. All the four-legged neighbors will love them. 

How to Bake a DIY Doggie Cupcake

Dog Mom Days

Does your four-legged baby have a birthday coming up? What better way to celebrate than with their very own doggie cupcake? This recipe is easy to follow and the perfect treat for your dog. 


Dog Donuts

Sunny Day Family

This is the perfect recipe to make with your kiddos. It gives them practice in the kitchen, and even if it doesn’t turn out perfect, the dog will still eat it. 


Yogurt Peanut Butter and Banana Treats

Cooking with Janica

These sweet yogurt peanut butter and banana treats are the perfect way to cool your dog off on a hot summer day. Plus, they are super budget friendly to make. 


Frozen Dog Treats

Three Little Ferns

After an overnight freeze, you can give these to your four-legged friends to help them cool off throughout the day. Remember, you give these treats in moderation. 


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Bacon Dog Treats

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Dog Treats

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  1. There’s a dog next door that is really friendly… Might have to make some of these for her. I’m sure my neighbour won’t mind 🙂

  2. We’ve been feeding our dogs homemade treats for as long as I can remember. That way I know exactly what they’re getting. Their favorites? Dehydrated chicken strips and anything with bacon and peanut butter!

  3. I’ve never even thought about making my own dog treats! What a fab idea, thanks for all the suggestions 🙂

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