Five Amazing Kid Friendly Activities in Pigeon Forge

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Some parents may agree that taking children on vacation is not the best decision. Why is that? Lousy behavior in a restaurant or wreaking havoc on airplanes. 

For some parents, it is easier to leave their little ones in the care of a babysitter or relative than to manage the kids and tackle the transit hassle. 

Despite the added stress and the continuous nagging sense of responsibility, taking children on a trip isn’t bad. Here are a few reasons to back up the claim. 

Reasons to Travel With Kids

Traveling allows kids to step out of their comfort zone and discover and explore their surroundings. They also enjoy experiencing new adventures, which is what traveling is about. These adventures, with time, become something kids can look forward to. 

Traveling is also a great tool to foster compassion in kids. It instills a sense of appreciation for their blessings and teaches them to be considerate toward the less fortunate. This is especially true when traveling to a foreign country; children get an insight into different socioeconomic backgrounds. 

Another reason parents must consider traveling with their children is that travel is a form of education. It educates children about different cultures and an area’s history, giving them a broader worldview.   

Planning the Vacation

Planning ensures a smooth family vacation. Destinations like Pigeon forge are ideal for families due to several reasons. Planning takes time and research to find a place to stay and kid-friendly activities. 

To begin with, cabins are an excellent option if you want to keep your kids close to nature and have them experience what life in the outdoors would be like. But that’s not all; Pigeon Forge cabins also offer all the necessary amenities. Some cabins also have hot tubs for adults and a gaming room for kids.

Besides that, Pigeon Forge is an excellent place for families because there are loads of kid-friendly activities. Curious to know more? Following are some kid-friendly activities at Pigeon Forge


At the top of the list is Dollywood, the theme park that offers fun for kids of all ages. The Wildwood Grove amusement park and County Fair are perfect for young children, whereas older ones would love thrilling rides like the Barnstormer or Tennessee Tornado. 

Dollywood theme park is widely known among visitors due to its family-friendly rides. Besides rides, if the kids are hungry, you can take them to a restaurant or an exciting show.

The Titanic Museum

Built to celebrate the iconic ocean liner that sank in 1912, the Titanic Museum is a must-visit attraction the kids will love. 

It is a fantastic experience that combines Arts, Science, History, and more into one place, where the kids will learn about the fateful night and experience The Grand Staircase. The kids will love seeing more than 400 artifacts on display that were collected from the sunken ship. 

Of course, there’s also an interactive tour highlighting significant moments of the sinking, the crew, and the passengers. 

Rocky Top Mountain Coaster

If you and the rest of your family members enjoy thrill rides, then board the Rocky Top Mountain Coaster

While it may sound like coasters are too dangerous for kids, the Rocky Top Mountain Coaster is kid-friendly because its speed can be controlled. The ride is open throughout the day, so you can enjoy a spectacular view of the track even at night and see the track lit up while you take a round trip. 

To ensure the safety of riders, the ride has height requirements. The height requirement for riding alone is at least 38 inches tall. The ride experience lasts about 4 minutes, making it one of the longest rides around. 


Anakeesta is an outdoor theme park with attractions like gondola rides, treetop skywalks, and an observation tower standing at least 60 feet tall. Apart from that, other kid-friendly activities you can enjoy are gem mining and zip lining. 

Let’s discuss some fun activities your kids will love. 

Among these are the treetop skywalks, a series of hanging bridges that cross through the sky. You and your child will completely feel immersed in nature while walking on the bridge, simultaneously getting a sense of what it feels like to be in a natural environment. 

Every child dreams of having a treehouse, tree venture challenge course turns their dreams into reality. The challenge features three treehouses and six netted bridges, each course offering a different challenge to instill excitement in children. 

Kids will have a blast swinging, crawling, and sliding through 3 levels of play in the interactive treehouse. 

Parrot Mountains and Gardens

It is a bible-inspired parrot preserve and garden encompassing four beautifully landscaped acres. It is one of the recommended places for a visit if your child wants to trade exciting adventures for a peaceful afternoon. 

The preserve is home to over seventy birds of varying species and colors. Families can stroll through gardens, pet the birds, take pictures or watch colorful creatures while sitting on the bench. 

Parrot mountain has a deli that offers various food items from hamburgers to chicken tenders and hand-cut fries. Spending the day in the garden and hanging out with parrots might have caused your child to work up an appetite. 

The deli is the perfect place to rest and enjoy Parrot mountain and Gardens before returning to the hotel. 


Undoubtedly, traveling is an ideal time off from the busy routine for adults and children. Though for many, the idea of traveling with kids is unappealing. The experience is truly worth something to remember. 

Family vacations are a time to bond and relax, from learning about new places to experiencing new adventures. 

Choose a location like Pigeon Forge that offers plenty of kid-friendly activities to ensure that the fun element remains a part of your child’s vacation. From Wonderworks to Anakeesta and Rocky Top Mountain Coaster, Pigeon Forge ensures that children have the time of their lives. 

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