A Guide: Must-Haves Checklist for Your 1-Year-Old

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1-year olds are a wonder. At this age, toddlers become more independent and explorative. For example, you may notice your 12-month old toddler grabbing food with their tiny fingers. Also, you may notice your baby start walking while holding on to furniture it can get its hands on. It is the stage where you witness your baby start improving their hand and eye coordination. You can help your child with this ability by teaching them nursery songs with hand gesture dances.

Additionally, expect some sleep and motor changes from your child. You might notice your toddler growing at a faster rate. 1-year olds tend to change sleeping patterns.

They will skip long morning naps. However, keep their afternoon nap routine to support their optimal growth. With more time awake, they will also be moving from one point to another. With this, you need to baby-proof your home to prevent accidents. Also, they grow at a faster rate.

Ask a specialist how to support your child’s optimal growth through proper nutrition. Indeed, it is a challenging time where many changes occur. Do not fret. Here is a list of things you need to include in your checklist to support the growth of your 1-year old:


A stroller helps you carry your baby from one location to another conveniently. It also helps provide comfort for them instead of carrying them while you walk around shopping. However, there are dangers to this convenient tool. A stroller is very helpful for many reasons, but you should still be aware that your baby needs careful attention. The last thing you want to happen is to put your baby in danger. There have already been instances of babies injured by a recalled Ergobaby stroller.

If you encounter accidents with a baby product, you should ask for legal advice from experts you can trust. You can contact Schmidt & Clark, LLP to get legal consultation.

Introduce New Clothing Types

Go shopping for comfortable clothes for your one-year-old. With comfortable clothes, they can freely move and continue to reach milestones.  

Additionally, you can introduce new clothing types like jackets for the chilly seasons. They may cry and not like it at first, but your child needs to get used to new kinds of clothing. Also, you can introduce soft fabric pants to them. It will bring warmth and keep them comfortable during cold days and evenings.

Moreover, you can try allowing your one-year-old toddler to get used to hats during summertime. Hats protect us from UV rays. For your baby, it can do wonders. If you live in a coastal area, you also need to consider getting sun-proof clothing for your baby. There is baby clothing made to protect your baby from the harmful rays of the sun. Get this for your baby if you like being outdoors with them.

Also, onesies are cute and easy to put on your baby. However, you may need to skip onesies for your one-year-old. It means this can be another excuse for another set of baby clothes shopping. You can get a few sets of shirts, dresses, shorts, or skirts for your baby when they reach this age.

As they grow older, they will make more movements. Imagine what they can get their hands on when walking without support. More movements mean a high chance of getting their clothes dirty.

If you let them wear a shirt and shorts or skirt, you do not need a complete wardrobe change if they get their shirts dirty. All you have to do is get a new shirt for them. It is the same when they have “accidents.” You only need to change their shorts or skirt when this happens.

Get Them Walkable Shoes

Gone are the days when your baby lies in bed and sleeps all the time. With more time awake and walking, they will be keeping you busy following them to keep them safe. You can support their optimal development by buying them walkable shoes.

Get non-slippery clothes. Also, get shoes that fit nicely on their feet. Make sure that the shoes provide protection and comfort for your one-year-old’s feet.

A Toddler Table

As your one-year-old will be moving around and touching everything they see, you may want to help your toddler focus on one activity at a time. To help with focus, you can get your baby a toddler table.

In getting a toddler table, make sure that the materials used for making it are safe for the baby. You would not want toxic chemicals from products to damage the health of your one-year-old. You can ask the store or manufacturer about the raw materials used for manufacturing their products. Make sure that it passed quality control as well.

Support Their Growth

When your baby reaches its first year, you will notice a few changes. Expect rapid growth. For example, they will be moving from one point to another. With this in mind, you need to baby-proof your home. For example, make sure they cannot reach harmful surfaces and substances.

Additionally, make sure to support their growth by providing your baby with a reliable table where they can eat their snacks or do arts and crafts with you.

Moreover, make sure you get a safe stroller. Let your baby experience the magic of the outdoors. Also, consider clothes shopping to protect them from the varying weather. Get a hat, a jacket, and reliable shoes.

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