8 Mom Tips & Tricks for Helping Kids Learn to Put on Their Shoes

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Getting kids to put on their shoes can sometimes be a real challenge. It’s a task that seems simple to adults, but for little ones, it can be a source of frustration. Fortunately, there are plenty of creative and fun ways to teach your kids how to put on their shoes without the fuss. 

Why Some Kids Don’t Like Putting On Their Shoes

Many kids resist putting on their shoes for various reasons. For some, it’s a matter of comfort; shoes might feel tight or unfamiliar on their feet. Others might find the process confusing, struggling with left and right distinctions or the mechanics of getting shoes on correctly.

Understanding these reasons can help you address the root of the problem. By making the process enjoyable and straightforward, you can help your child become more comfortable and confident in putting on their shoes. Let’s look at how you can make this task easier for them.

How You Can Make It Easier for Your Kids to Put On Their Shoes

Simplifying the shoe-putting process starts with breaking it down into manageable steps. Kids often do better with visual aids and hands-on activities that turn learning into play. Providing clear instructions and making the task fun can significantly reduce resistance.

Using playful techniques can capture your child’s interest and turn this daily routine into an enjoyable experience. By incorporating some creativity, you can help your child master putting on their shoes with ease and confidence. Here are eight effective tips to get you started.

1 Use Stickers

Stickers are a fantastic tool for helping kids learn to put on their shoes correctly. Place a sticker inside each shoe, ensuring they match when the shoes are put together correctly. This visual cue helps kids quickly see which shoe goes on which foot.

This method not only makes it easier for kids to identify their shoes but also adds a fun element to the process. Let your child choose their favorite stickers to make it even more engaging. Over time, they’ll learn to associate the correct placement with the stickers, making the task second nature.

2 Draw Arrows

Drawing arrows inside the shoes can be a straightforward yet effective strategy. Use a permanent marker to draw an arrow pointing from the heel to the toe on the insole of each shoe. When the arrows point in the same direction, your child will know they’ve got the shoes on the right feet.

This visual aid is easy for kids to understand and follow. It simplifies the process, giving them a clear guide to follow. As they become more familiar with the arrows, they’ll gain confidence and be more willing to put on their shoes independently.

3 Peg The Shoes

Using a pegboard or hooks can be an excellent way to organize shoes and make it easier for kids to find and put them on. Hang each pair of shoes on a peg, with one shoe pointing left and the other right. This setup visually reinforces which shoe goes on which foot.

Not only does this keep shoes neatly organized, but it also provides a consistent place for kids to find their shoes each day. This consistency helps build a routine, making the process smoother and more predictable for your child.

4 Name Label Shoes

For younger kids who can recognize their names, labeling shoes with their names can be very helpful. Write their name inside each shoe, so they know which pair is theirs. This is particularly useful in households with multiple children.

Name labels make it easier for kids to take responsibility for their belongings. It also helps them feel a sense of ownership and pride in being able to put on their shoes by themselves. This small step can encourage independence and self-reliance.

5 Use Crease Protectors

Crease protectors can help maintain the shape of shoes, making it easier for kids to slip their feet in. These inserts keep the shoes from collapsing, providing a sturdy structure that supports easy wear.

By keeping the shoes in good shape, crease protectors also prolong the life of the shoes. This means your child will find it easier to put on their shoes consistently, without the struggle of dealing with floppy, misshapen footwear.

6 Put Dots with a Marker

Another simple trick is to put colored dots inside the shoes. Place a red dot in the left shoe and a blue dot in the right shoe. Teach your child to match the dots to their feet, helping them distinguish between left and right shoes.

This visual cue is easy for young children to understand and follow. It turns a potentially confusing task into a straightforward one, making it more likely for them to succeed without adult help.

7 Draw a Smiley Face

Drawing a smiley face inside each shoe can add a fun element to the routine. Position the faces so that they look at each other when the shoes are correctly placed. This friendly reminder helps kids quickly see if they’ve got their shoes on the right feet.

This approach makes the process enjoyable and gives kids a sense of achievement when they see the smiling faces. It’s a small but effective way to encourage them to put on their shoes correctly.

8 Personalized Drawn Shapes

Personalizing the inside of the shoes with your child’s favorite shapes can be very motivating. Draw shapes like stars, hearts, or animals that your child loves. Place these shapes inside the shoes in a way that helps your child identify the correct shoe for each foot.

This method combines personalization with practicality, making the process both fun and functional. Your child will enjoy seeing their favorite shapes and feel more inclined to put on their shoes without fuss.

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