Inspired Ways to Help Your Child Sleep Through the Night (In Their Own Bed)

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It can be very hard to see your young child not able to sleep through the whole night, no matter the cause. There are sadly many things that can get in the way of giving your little one a good night’s sleep.

But it doesn’t have to be that way. With some forethought, proper planning, and a bit of good luck, you can be sure that your baby or toddler will be able to sleep all night long, even in their own bed. You just have to know what works, what doesn’t, and what to do if you need to make adjustments or try new things. 

Help Your Child Sleep Through the Night

Create The Right Environment

It is vital that you craft the sort of sleeping environment that is perfect for your son or daughter to sleep in. What constitutes a good sleeping environment? Well, a lot of things. You should be sure that that bedroom is dark, quiet, and cool for the best sleep possible. You can use blackout curtains to get rid of the light or even use a white noise machine to eliminate any sort of ambient or outside noise.

And don’t forget about bedding and pajamas. Your child should have comfortable clothes to sleep in and comfortable bedding to lay on. 

Encourage Daytime Activities

If your child spends the day having fun, getting out, and doing a lot, they will be more tired when the sun goes down. Therefore, you should promise some good physical activities during the day that will help your child use up all their energy and then prepare for a lot of rest in the evening. 

Outdoor play, sports, and even just some time in the sun will all add up and help your child know when it is time to get some shut-eye. 

Monitor Food & Drink

You should be sure that your little one avoids all heavy meals close to bedtime if you want them to sleep through the night, specifically in their own bed. Limit any sort of caffeine or sugar intake in the last few hours of the day. All of that can interfere with sleep and only make it harder to get tired. 

Remember, at this age, you are the one in charge of what your son or daughter eats and drinks. That means that you get to decide what they enjoy and what they have during the last part of the day. 

Create A Ritual

Perhaps the smartest thing you can do when you are trying to get your child to sleep through the night is to establish a reliable and constant routine that they have night after night. With this bedtime routine, your child’s body will learn that when the sun goes down, it is time to get sleepy.

For the routine, introduce certain comforting objects, like stuffed animals or blankets, for comfort and reassurance. And also maybe it’s best if you read them a book or play gentle music for them. Stay close to them as they get tired because you are the biggest source of comfort in their lives and will ensure them that they are safe and comfortable and able to actually rest. 


Getting your child to sleep isn’t always easy but with some careful planning and monitoring of them, you’ll soon be able to have them resting all night long in their own bed. 

Remember that it sometimes doesn’t work right away. You often need to adjust your plans, try new things, but never give up hope because this is achievable, you just have to work at it.

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