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When Family Live Overseas

Many of you may or may not be aware but I have a sister called Deborah who lives in New Zealand. I really miss my sister. Growing up together we were always spending time with one another and we were really close. We still are close, however we are separated by an incredible distance.

moving home

I lived in New Zealand all my teenage and young adult years. My daughter was born in New Zealand and I returned to the UK back in 2010. It’s been over seven years since I saw many family members and it’s been tough.

Moving overseas was not an easy decision but the best one for me and my daughter and now that I am happily married to a Yorkshire Man I am really glad I came to the UK when I did. However I still do really miss my family.

Last year my parents and brother came to live in the UK for 18 months. It’s been so nice spending time with them once more but sadly they have to return to “real life” and so I am going to be making the most of the Summer holidays seeing my family because in all honesty, I do not know when I will see my parents again.

One thing we are going to do next week which I’m rather excited about is sort through everything. My sister has 4 living daughters and so I want to send everything Sylvia has grown out of over to my sister. I also want to send her some household items and gifts from the Uk and this is the perfect opportunity.

My mum and I have been looking for a moving company and looking up the best shipping rates to ship some boxes overseas. Mum has purchased a lot of nice clothes and has some treasures to take back and with all the items I want to send to Deborah, we will have a few boxes to ship by the time we are done.

On Monday if I’m well enough I am going to venture out with my mum to a car boot sale and search for the next size up clothes for my daughter and then in the coming weeks we will sort all the clothes I have collected in the past few years and pack up some boxes.

I’m excited and although I am going to miss mum when she moves back home, I’m sure one day we will be able to visit and hopefully one day I will see my sister again. In fact, I was sent a lovely piece of jewellery from Kaya Jewellery recently which I picked out for my sister.

It says, ” Side by side or miles apart we are Sisters connected by the heart”.  I love this silver necklace and can’t wait to send it back to New Zealand with my mum. Having family overseas is not easy and I know my sister will appreciate her new gift and the boxes we send when mum moves home.

Do you have family overseas? Have you ever moved to another country?

Angela x

*This is a Collaborative Post