How to Channel Grief Through Activism: Top Tips to Help Enact Change

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If life were kind, then tragedies wouldn’t happen. We would never have to mourn people lost before their time. We would never have to try to accept the worst-case scenario as our reality. The fact that people do just this every day proves that the world isn’t fair, but that doesn’t mean we cannot make it better. Channeling your grief into activism is the best way to enact lasting change that gets echoed throughout the world. Yes, something terrible happened to you or to your loved one, but through your efforts, that pain won’t be experienced by someone else. 

Activism is an enduring love for what was lost, made into action that helps make the world a better place. If an absolute tragedy has hit you and you have a fire in you to erase that pain by enacting legislation and bringing about change, then use these top tips. 

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First, Get Legal Compensation

While it may seem like a selfish avenue to start, getting compensation is actually the best first step to take. One, because companies notice when their pockets take a hit. Money talks and a lawsuit speaks loudly. If you’ve lost a loved one due to a preventable aviation accident, for example, then not only do you and your family deserve compensation so that you can take the time to grieve the loss properly (and overcome the loss of income), but you also deserve some sort of acknowledgment of wrongdoing. 

Getting in touch with aviation accidents attorneys who can take the lead on your case, in this example, is the ideal first step. Winning your case is next. You can then use that money to support yourself and your family and even kickstart your own activist campaign. 

Find Activist Organizations that Already Exist 

Chances are, you aren’t the only person living with your type of grief. Find activist or NGO organizations that specialize in your tragedy. There are groups advocating for better road safety, gun safety, and so on. Finding and joining such an organization is important, even if you want to start your own. More voices coming together around a few key points will bring about more change than many voices shouting all at once. 

Get on the News

If your case is particularly tragic, or the sense of injustice is high, then you can and should pitch your story to the news. This is one of the best ways to draw attention to the issue like aviation safety and then relay the critical changes you want seen so that people can rally behind them. Having actionable steps you want to be achieved is a powerful stance for enacting change. 

Create Content

Even after the hype of the accident dies down, you can still advocate for your cause. A great place to do just that is online. Creating helpful posts and videos about your cause can help you inform the general public so that more and more people can band together to bring about lasting changes. 

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