How You Can Take Your Essay Writing to the Next Level

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If you want to take your essay writing to the next level, you have to know the basic rules of writing an essay. You have to understand the structure of an essay and the vocabulary that you should use. In addition to that, you have to learn to use the correct word usage. Word usage is very important in writing because it helps you to express your ideas properly. There is also a less time-consuming way, to turn to an essay writing service. Essaywritinghelp is a great option if you decide to choose the second way. With a few simple tips, you can take your essay-writing skills to the next level and produce essays that will impress your teachers.


A strong vocabulary is one of the most important tools a writer can have. It can help you say what you mean more clearly and will allow you to use the right word for every situation. The better your vocabulary, the better your essay will be. Besides, it helps you avoid using vague words.

A good way to expand your vocabulary is to read as many books as you can. You should also look up unfamiliar words, whenever you read. A pocket dictionary and thesaurus are handy tools for this. During your free time, you should also read pages of a dictionary. Make it a habit to look up new words every day.

The wealth of words you can use will also help you avoid repetition. Overusing certain words and phrases in an essay can make it boring and monotonous to read. If you struggle with this, make sure to hire some online writing services who can help you find suitable synonyms or rephrase your sentences to make them more dynamic. For instance, instead of using “good”, you can use “excellent”, “outstanding” or “superb”. This will make your essay stand out and show the depth of your vocabulary.

Essay Writing


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To make an outline, write the main topic in the center of the page. From there, draw lines to the ideas that support it. Don’t judge these ideas at first. You can narrow them down later. Check to see if your subject matter is meaty enough to warrant several ideas. If so, label them.

Creating an outline makes the essay writing process easier. While this method can take longer, it will ensure that your essay is logical and well-developed. Outlined essays will help you avoid common pitfalls that can derail a good essay. For example, a good essay has a logical structure, a plausible thesis statement, supporting points, and relevant evidence. An essay’s structure should also make it clear to its audience, and it should answer the essay prompt.

A good outline will be as detailed as possible, and it should include the main idea for each paragraph. Outlining this way will help you visually see where you should divide your paragraphs. Each heading will typically correspond to a single paragraph or section, while the subheadings will represent different parts of your essay.


Story-telling is a powerful technique for grabbing a reader’s attention and adding depth to a piece of writing. Using stories to describe a scene can be a powerful approach in any form of writing, but there are certain guidelines to keep in mind. For example, avoid repeating the same words throughout your piece, as you might confuse your reader and make your writing difficult to read. Use a thesaurus to help you with this, and use simple words that will make your work easier to understand.

When writing a narrative essay, be sure to provide conflict to make it more realistic. Also, use flash-forwards and third-person perspectives to direct the story to an exciting ending. Remember to read the assignment instructions thoroughly and ask yourself any questions before you begin writing.

One of the most important steps when writing a narrative essay is to choose a good topic. It’s important to find a topic that will be meaningful to your reader and reflect your personality. Some scholarship committees will allow you to pick your own topic, which will allow you to highlight your academic achievements or community service. Once you have a general idea of what your topic should be about, you’ll need to narrow it down further to fit the length of your essay.


Essay structure is a crucial part of the writing process. It ensures that your reader can easily navigate your ideas and find the information they’re looking for. A basic essay structure consists of an introduction and supporting discussion, followed by a conclusion that restates the main idea and ties everything together.

There are many different types of essay structures, but the most basic is an introduction, body, and conclusion. Some academic papers may include abstracts or other sections, but most student essays follow the basic three-part structure. The introduction, body, and conclusion flow from one another, allowing students to weave supporting arguments through each section.

Another type of essay structure is the cause-and-effect structure. This is a good choice for essays that discuss a series of events. It allows you to compare the past to the present. For example, you could write about the development of the Spanish club at your school and how that change made the club what it is today.

The body of your essay develops your arguments and analysis. You can include citations and quotations in the body to support your arguments. It also helps organize the main debates, interpretations, and analyses. Each paragraph in the body should have a main claim, or topic sentence, and relate to the thesis.

Avoiding Cliches

The first step in avoiding cliches in essay writing is identifying them in your own writing. This can be challenging because we tend to write in the moment and may not see the cliches in our own writing. Reading through your text after you have completed it will help you spot them more easily. Read it paragraph by paragraph and notice if the phrases are repeated in your piece. Cliches are words and phrases that compare two things or use a metaphor to describe one thing or another.

Cliches are commonly used in speech and writing. They make your writing look unoriginal and lazy. People have already heard the phrase you are using. By avoiding cliches in your writing, you’ll get the most out of your work. Your reader will appreciate your effort to avoid these common phrases.

One of the first steps to avoid cliches in essay writing is to stay away from overused phrases and expressions. It is important to avoid these phrases as they are often used without a purpose. Avoiding cliches in your writing will make your writing sound more natural and exciting. It will also help your paper to not be wordy. You can also try to avoid cliches by choosing a topic that has a dramatic story or scenario.

Speaking Aloud

Speaking aloud is a great way to improve your writing by improving your fluency, clarity, and comprehension. It also helps you become more confident in your writing and develop internal listening skills. Speaking aloud can be fun! Try reading your work out loud to a friend, teacher, or family member.

Speaking aloud also helps you check your essay for problems. You’ll be able to notice long sentences, poorly constructed sentences, and sparse punctuation if you read your work out loud. It can also help you make your essay more readable.

Reading Other People’s Essays

One great tip when writing an essay is to read other people’s essays. While you may disagree with what they say, it is crucial to get an objective second opinion. It is also beneficial to have your essay beta read by someone you don’t know. You want as many different viewpoints as possible.

Many 20th-century authors have published collections of essays. One of the best-known is Stephen King, whose On Writing is considering one of the most influential books on writing. Analyzing other people’s essays can help you figure out what you should focus on in your own essays.

It can be challenging to arrange an essay that hints at a narrative. However, doing so will give your reader hope. It can also help them process grief or trauma. For example, an essay on trauma could have three parts: the first part deals with life before the traumatic event, the second part discusses the event itself, and the third part deals with the post-traumatic period.

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