Best Tips for Good Self-Care After Whitening Your Teeth

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Teeth whitening continues to grow in popularity among the younger generations who regularly do this treatment as part of their beauty routine. In fact, several benefits come with teeth whitening, but the most impactful is that it helps you get comfortable with your smile and wear it with pride. 

Nonetheless, teeth whitening comes with its downfalls as it is a chemical treatment. The teeth become more sensitive, so proper post-whitening treatment is a priority in order to maintain your pearly whites longer. In this article, we discuss the importance of post-treatment care, and we will provide several tips to create a good routine after getting your teeth whitened. Therefore without further ado, let’s get started!

Good Self-Care After Whitening Your Teeth

The Importance of Self-Care After Teeth Whitening

You can get a professionally done teeth whitening treatment at the Dentist Fulham or do it at the comfort of your home. However, you will have to choose a trustworthy brand as the process involves bleaching the tooth’s surface and accelerating the procedure by heating it under ultraviolet light (UV). The UV light helps the bleaching chemical facilitate the process and get the results faster and cleaner.

However, not doing the post-treatment care can reverse the results, and even cause gum inflammation of teeth sensitivity. Therefore, you should know the best after-care routine tips.

Tips for Good Self-Care After Teeth Whitening

Marylebone Smile Clinic – a cosmetic dentist in London, recommends that the first 24-48 hours after the teeth-whitening process are the most important for determining the pearly-white look longevity. Also, your teeth and gums may be overly sensitive, and you may need to replace your old products with new ones.

NatruSmile is an online shop that is focused on teeth whitening products endorsed by dentists. You can find special teeth whitening kits, but also products to use for the teeth whitening post-treatment. Below, we go over the crucial steps of post-treatment you have to be aware of.

Brushing Techniques and Frequencies

Brushing your teeth right after the treatment can spoil the results. You need to wait a while. Ideally, 4 hours after the treatment allows the chemicals to settle and you can continue with the regular hygiene routine.

However, when you brush your teeth, don’t do it roughly, and don’t press too much on your teeth with your toothbrush. At NatruSmile, you have an electric toothbrush that comes with 4 modes where you can regulate the pressure and frequency of brushing. 

Importance of Using a Soft-Bristled Toothbrush

Although teeth whitening is not a dangerous or damaging procedure for your enamel, it is still a chemical process that makes your teeth and gums extra sensitive as they are dehydrated from bleaching. That’s why using a soft-bristled toothbrush is recommended. NatruSmile offers an organic toothbrush that is perfect for sensitive teeth and applies to post-treatment perfectly.

However, even with a softer brush, you cannot apply the regular pressure as you do it every day. Stick with gentle circle motions, careful around the gums because they are also sensitive. 

The pressure should be moderate as it will come naturally to you. Mind that you should not reach the point where your gums bleed, especially after the first 48 hours because it may cause discoloration to the teeth and end up with a yellowish shade on your teeth. Also, make sure that you do not touch the teeth with a brush after the first 4 hours.

Recommendations for Toothpaste and Mouthwash 

The hydrogen peroxide used during the bleaching treatment can cause not only teeth sensitivity to touch or pressure but also to the type of products you use in your mouth after the treatment. Moreover, if the toothpaste or mouthwash is colored in green or blue it may cause discoloration on your teeth and end up with greyish shade.

NatruSmile created a toothpaste with a special PAP formula, which is much gentler on the teeth. Pair it with the specifically designed mouthwash that restores enamel loss, and protects your gums and teeth from the treatment. With these two your teeth will be safe and shiny.

Flossing and Interdental Cleaning

Flossing and interdental cleaning are highly important steps of regular oral hygiene. With this step, you ensure that any leftover foods stuck between your teeth are taken out to prevent bacteria in your mouth that results in bad breath and yellow teeth. 

Incorporating Teeth-Friendly Foods Into Your Diet

The food you eat after the teeth whitening treatment severely affects the results. Remember that any food that can stain a white shirt, stains your teeth and you should avoid it during the first 24-48 hours after the treatment. Therefore, stay away from:

  • Berries
  • Coffee
  • Tobacco
  • Colored drinks
  • Acidic foods and juices (lemons, oranges for example)
  • Colored sauces
  • Sugary foods
  • Dark chocolate

Instead, you can eat fish, egg whites, peeled potatoes, apples, pears, bananas, white cheese, cauliflower – anything white and stainless. In the future, eat foods that help your teeth remain healthy.

Consulting a Dentist for a Personalized Advice

Not every teeth whitening procedure is the same. Some people have more sensitive teeth than others and vice versa and there are other options to improving your smile such as composite veneers. Chat with your dental team for the best advice.

If your dentist gives you teeth whitening self-care treatments make sure you follow that particular one. In case you experience any pain, make sure to contact your dentist immediately. This advice applies to everyone doing the self-care after the whitening process. If you experience pain or any troubles it’s best to consult your dentist to avoid damaging the results.


The teeth whitening procedure is a popular cosmetic treatment that boosts our confidence and makes us more attractive. However, self-care after whitening your teeth is vital as it directly affects the results of the treatment.

The main point you need to remember about the post-treatment is to stay away from any stained foods, drinks, and smoking during the first 48 hours. Stick to white foods for a while to maintain the pearly white look of your teeth. As for your oral hygiene, you need to stay away from teeth-whitening toothpaste and colored mouthwash as it may stain the teeth, and use a softer brush.

We hope you found this article helpful, but in case you experience pain in your teeth or gums make sure to contact your dentist for further instructions.

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