Educational Kids TV Shows 2024

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Some parents would say to not allow kids to watch TV too much, a.k.a limit their screen time or entirely prohibit them from watching. Honestly, we’d say that yes, you should definitely limit your kids’ screen times, but stopping them from watching TV is excessive. There are a lot of educational TV shows out there that your kids can benefit from, and as a parent, it’s your responsibility to look for these worthy shows – and that’s why you’re here. 

If you have different streaming services, like Netflix, Disney Plus, Sling TV, Dish TV, and others, we completely understand if you’re overwhelmed with all the options out there. But no worries, because we’ve done the hardwork for you and we’ve prepared the list of the best educational kids TV shows your kids can watch this 2024. 

The Magic School Bus Rides Again

Want to teach your kid Science the fun way? Well, Miss Frizzle has got your back. She’s a skilled teacher who takes her students (a.k.a your kid/s!) on crazy trips on a big magical yellow school bus. They get really small and travel inside the body or even fly way up in space to see the stars and learn about planets. They can even go back in time to meet dinosaurs. It’s an interactive TV show that allows your kid’s creativity and curiosity go loco. They’ll be learning while being entertained for hours.

Ask the Storybots

Kids ask a lot of questions, but that’s totally normal because they’re still learning about the world. This award-winning TV show actually made a series about it that all parents will definitely love. It’s about tiny creatures called Storybots who are super curious about everything in the world! They answer all the questions kids might have, like where your sock goes when it disappears in the dryer, or why is the sky blue. They even sing catchy songs and show funny cartoons to make learning fun and easy to understand for your kid. 

This was a Netflix exclusive during its first season, but now, it’s also available on YouTube. Since you need to stream it online, you need to have a fast internet connection at home. Otherwise, you’ll have to endure constant buffering. It’s better if you look into better internet plans if that’s the case. 

Sesame Street

With 53 seasons and counting, we’re pretty sure that you, as the parent, have watched Sesame Street growing up. As a classic kids TV show, Sesame Street has established itself as one of the best educational TV shows out there. It teaches kids important things they need to know while growing up. Your kids will meet friendly characters like the popular Elmo and Grover, and learn the ABCs, how to count, and how to be a good friend to others.

Julie’s Green Room

Do you like to sing, dance, or act in plays? Julie, a.k.a The Julie Andrews, is a teacher who has a special room where she shows kids all about these fun arts. Every show is different and explores something new, like singing songs with friends, learning cool dance moves, or acting out stories. Julie helps kids use their imagination and be creative in different ways. You can watch this TV show on Netflix, and trust us when we say that it’s one of the best out there. They even have other popular stars on the show that you and your kids will love.

Team Zenko Go

Team Zenko Go is a show about four kids who secretly help people in their town. They’re like everyday superheroes, but instead of fighting bad guys, they do good deeds called Zenkos. With their mentor, Auntie Yuki, and her pet flying squirrel, Ponzu, they solve small problems like finding a lost hat or watering wilting flowers. It’s an entertaining show that’s great for kids 2 and up. 

Bea’s Block

Bea’s Block is a fun and colorful show where Bea, a brilliant and creative girl, uses her blocks to build amazing things! But Bea isn’t alone. She has a whole community of block friends who work together to spread kindness. Whether it’s building a giant slide for everyone to enjoy or helping a friend reach a high shelf, Bea and her pals tackle challenges with a positive attitude and teamwork.  

Through their adventures, kids learn about shapes, colors, and most importantly, the power of working together and being kind to others. It’s a relatively new kids TV show, but it sure is one of the best out there. 

The Bottom Line

Looking for educational kids TV shows is a big step towards excellent parenting, and we’re proud of you for doing so. We understand that being a parent can be overwhelming and tiring, but since you’ve reached this part of this article, it shows you care about giving your kids a fun yet enriching viewing experience. Don’t worry, these shows won’t just entertain your little ones – they’ll also help them learn and grow! You’re doing great!

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