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Gastric Bypass Diet A Guide For Eating After Bariatric Surgery

The Gastric Bypass Diet following bariatric surgery can be tricky to navigate and get used to. I had bariatric surgery 3 years ago and today I wanted to share the gastric bypass eating plan which I was given before my operation.

This gastric bypass diet guide can be used as a long term diet after gastric bypass surgery and is suitable for gastric bypass patients. This is also a good a diet plan for gastric sleeve patients. I hope you find this really useful.



Gastric Bypass Foods




The Liver Diet Before Gastric Bypass

Before your gastric bypass or bariatric surgery you will need to follow a liver shrinking diet to help reduce the size of your liver. By following a liver reduction diet you will be giving your surgeon the best opportunity to perform your bariatric surgery without complications.

Reducing the size of your liver will allow you to potentially have laproscopic surgery rather than open surgery making the procedure less invasive and making your recovery period much more easier to deal with.

The liver shrinking diet plan you need to follow will be given to you well in advance before surgery and may differ depending on your own personal situation. Whilst some are asked to stick to liquids, my diet plan was based on 800 calories a day and I was given certain food groups to choose from. You can see the liver reduction diet that I followed here.


Gastric Bypass Diet After Surgery: The First Stage

Following a Gastric Bypass operation your relationship with food should change forever. A gastric bypass can be reversed however this procedure is supposed to be permanent and there will be a lot of life long changes to get use to from the way you eat to the types of food you eat. .

I’d like to point out that this is a simple guide which I was given following my own bariatric surgery and that every individual is different. Therefore some of the following foods may or may not work for different gastric bypass patients.

I will be given a detailed personal plan to follow before I left the hospital by my dietician, but here are the general guidelines which any gastric bypass patient will need to follow.

What Is The Liquid Diet After Gastric Bypass Surgery?

For the first four weeks following a gastric bypass operation you will need to follow a liquid diet menu. A liquid diet consists of pureed, smooth and lump free foods.

Eating only liquid diet food for four weeks can get a little boring and therefore it is a good idea to prepare your meals well in advance before your gastric bypass procedure.

This is particularly important if you have little support in the home and usually prepare your own food as preparing your liquid diet food could be challenging while recovering from a major operation.

How Often Do I Eat After Gastric Bypass Surgery?

Whilst following your new gastric bypass diet and during the liquid diet food stage you will only be able to eat very small quantities of food. It is recommended that you have around 2-4 teaspoons of liquid food per meal and that you eat 5 small meals per day.

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In the early days following your Gastric Bypass surgery you should be able to eat one to two ice cubes worth of pureed food per meal. I would recommend purchasing easy release Freezers Ice Cube Trays as they are made from silicone and allow you to take one ice cube out at a time.

I prepared my food in advance before my operation, however I did not make enough variety and found I was getting bored easily. I recommend creating lots of different flavour Ice cube meals before you have your bariatric surgery.

With the focus being on helping your body heal you will want to have lots of fluids and a few ounces of clear liquids every few hours. Try to drink at least 2 litres of fluid a day. It will not be easy to do but if you take little sips regular you will be well on your way.

What Foods Should I Eat On The Gastric Bypass Diet?

It is really important to ensure you have plenty of protein during your liquid diet phase and following gastric bypass. The body has a lot of healing to do and therefore protein should be the number one focus on your Liquid diet menu.

It is important to follow the 20-20-20 rule. Eat food the size of a twenty pence piece, chew for 20 seconds and take a 20 second break before your next spoonful.

The following high protein foods are great to include in your liquid diet after gastric bypass surgery and some of these can be blended using gravy to create a smooth yoghurt like consistency.

I’ve created a fantastic Infographic to help you during the Liquid diet phase. Please pin this to your  Pinterest for future reference.

Gastric bypass diet liquid phase infographic


What Should I Drink On The Gastric Bypass Diet?

Liquids are so important for keeping hydrated following gastric bypass and here are some liquids you can have to help you along.

  • water
  • decaffeinated coffee and tea
  • light horlicks
  • skim milk
  • thin soup and broth
  • unsweetened juice
  • sugar-free gelatin
  • sugar-free popsicles

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What Foods Can You Not Eat After Gastric Bypass Surgery?

Following Gastric Bypass surgery you will need to ensure that all the foods you eat have less than 3g of fat per 100g product and that your gastric bypass meals are low in sugar with less than 100g of sugar per 100g.

You should not eat any foods high in fat or high in sugar. High sugar foods can cause you to have dumping syndrome which is very unpleasant and will make you feel very unwell with the following symptoms:

  • sweating
  • nausea
  • vomiting
  • dizziness
  • diarrhoea

Gastric bypass diet guide and liquid food diet

What Happens Next?

Everyone moves at a different pace following gastric bypass but the rule of thumb is to follow a liquid diet menu for at least 4 weeks. You can then with the support of your surgery team move onto the stage two The Pureed Diet. This then leads onto the Soft food diet and eventually you will be able to reintroduce solid food back into your gastric bypass diet.

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