Our Dream Corner Sofa From Wayfair

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This week our brand new Sofa from Wayfair arrived and I’m so excited to share this with you.

For as long as I can remember I have always dreamed of owning a corner Sofa. In fact, I’ve never had a new sofa in my life. Every Sofa I’ve ever owned has always been second hand. 

As a single mother arriving in the UK back in 2010, I visited a charity shop and picked out a cheap £50 couch. That’s all I could afford and I knew the goal for a dream sofa was a long way away. 

corner sofa from wayfair

A New Corner Sofa From Wayfair

I’ve had around 10 years to think about the ideal Sofa for my family. I prefer darker colours as I find they are easier for me to clean and maintain. 

I also wanted a corner sofa which has more seats than a regular 3 seater couch. 

Wayfair is a fantastic online retailer and they have a fantastic range of Sofa’s, furniture and decor. I was excited to go online and look at all the different Sofa’s available from this world-renowned retailer. 

There are so many luxurious looking sofa’s to choose from but I found the dream sofa that both me, my husband and Sylvia liked. 

Wayfair sofa Sylvia and Mum

The Starlet Corner Sofa By Home & Haus

The Sofa I chose for our lounge is the Starlet Corner Sofa by Home & Haus. This fantastic Sofa is a four-seater corner sofa and is 45cm from the floor, which is the perfect height. 

Our new corner sofa has a really comfortable and stylish material. The material is grey and black with strong firm chenille style seat cushions.

The Sofa comes with 8 huge back cushions. Four cushions are grey and the same material as the sofa, 2 cushions are zig-zag striped and two have a gorgeous leaf pattern. 

The colour scheme is grey, black and a touch of white. I love this, the Sofa looks amazing but most importantly it feels so good to sit and lay on! 

Zig Zag Striped Cushions

Free Sofa Delivery From Wayfair

The Starlet Corner Sofa came with free delivery and was ready assembled. This meant, we only had to remove the cardboard and protective plastic covering to set the Sofa up. 

I think free delivery is fantastic and a great way to save a little money when searching for your dream sofa. 

The Sofa came in two sections which fit together with a metal bracket. The bracket and sofa feet were all attached and so we didn’t need any tools to join the corner sofa together

Starlet Corner Sofa

Review of the Wayfair Starlet Corner Sofa

I am so impressed with our new sofa. Delivery and set up was so super easy and made ordering this corner sofa a breeze. The whole family has fallen in love with this fantastic addition to our lounge.

My tween daughter says she is the queen of the sofa and has actually been spending more time with me as a result. She has been in her room less and spending more time in the living area which is fantastic. 

We have had a movie night using our new sofa and there is plenty of space for the whole family John, Sylvia, me and the dogs. We all fit on this couch together and there is space to lay down and chill out. 

The seats are super wide and the sofa feels so luxurious I just absolutely love it. 

plenty of space for the whole family

On the first night of our new corner sofa, my husband John enjoyed the sofa so much he fell asleep and slept like a baby. He commented that the sofa is so comfortable, he absolutely loves it. 

Yoda On the Corner Sofa

Yoda and Casper also seem to be impressed. They have both enjoyed the comfort of our new furniture. Casper loves company and so he enjoys sitting next to me on the sofa as I do blog work and rest. 

Yoda, on the other hand, is all about comfort. He often looks for a blanket or soft spot to relax and chill and our new sofa has passed with flying colours for Yoda. He seems to love it. 

I am genuinely really pleased with this wonderful sofa. It is the right size, super comfy, stylish and fits in with our lounge decor perfectly. 

We were sent this wonderful Sofa to review and I am so very impressed. The lounge now feels like a luxurious room and is more peaceful. It’s amazing what a new piece of quality furniture can do. 

Thankyou Wayfair. 

casper laying on the sofa form wayfair

*This Sofa was sent for the purpose of review – all opinions are my own and are honest and truthful*

Angela Milnes is a Qualified Early Years Teacher who has specialised in Preschool and Kindergarten teaching. She has a wealth of experience teaching young children and is passionate about kids crafts and having fun as a family. Angela has also taught cooking skills and loves to share both family recipes and easy crafts here on The Inspiration Edit. Follow her on Pinterest!

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    1. Yes… We have had light and it got dirty too quick for my family. I think having pets and a child means darker is better for us!

  1. Oh wow! That sofa is a one of dreams. It’s beautiful.
    I have never had a new sofa either, one day we hope to get one similar to the one you have. Corner sofa’s seem so much cosier than 3 or single seaters.
    I love the colour, the style and it looks ever so comfy!

  2. O I love your sofa. I also go for dark colours as I have 4 children. I have a 3 seater and a single but I would like to treat myself to a corner sofa next time ?

  3. We need a new sofa, ours is threadbare…..Hubby was making me wait until Sebby was potty trained but I am still waiting……2 years later LOL

  4. This sofa looks comfortable. I also prefer a corner as it really saves space. Happy to know you finally got your wish. Yey! For everyday wins. Love your color choice too.

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