5 Ways to Give Your Home the Upgrade It Deserves

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At some point or another, we’ll all eventually grow tired of our interior design.

Maybe you took on a new trend that went out of style faster than you thought it would. Or perhaps you never really took the time to decorate, and you finally feel like it’s time to put your own stamp on your property.

Whatever your reasons, there are plenty of ways to fix it! If you want to love your home again, here are five fantastic tips for upgrading your home design. 

Fresh Paint

A fresh coat of paint will make so much difference to the appearance of any room. 

A new colour will help to give your spaces a fresh and revitalised finish. Light and neutral tones are a classic choice that won’t go out of style. 

There’s no need to stop at the walls either! A lick of paint will leave your front door looking like a brand-new entryway, while painting your bathroom tiles is a great way to get that new bathroom look without actually paying for a new bathroom. 

Cupboard Handles

Like the bathroom, a whole overhaul of your kitchen can be incredibly expensive. If you want a solution to tide you over while you save, then consider replacing the handles of cupboard doors. 

The experts at Superfront provide a wide range of charming door and cupboard knobs to suit any kitchen. 

New Lighting 

Replacing your lights are a great way to improve the look of a room. Whether you fancy an ornate chandelier to turn you home into a palace or want to install some exposed bulbs for a more rustic retreat, a new lamp will show you the light.

Shop around for the perfect feature to suit your home’s individual aesthetic. 

Render Your Walls

It’s not just indoor improvements that will give your home a much-needed upgrade. Taking some time to focus on its outward appearance can make a big difference.

Update your look by having your walls rendered. The fantastic solutions provided by Direct Building Products, from K Rend, Jub, and beads, are the perfect way to give your abode that modern look you’ve always dreamed of. 

Not only does rendering improve the look of your home, it’s also a great weather-proofing strategy too! Over time the elements can play havoc on your brick work, but a render will tidy up the damage and provide protection for the winters of the future.


Don’t just stop at improvements to your exterior walls either, why not have your front garden landscaped.

This is the first thing visitors will see when they arrive at your house, and a nice garden will really help to boost your kerb appeal if you come to sell, as the front garden is one of the first things that potential buyers take note of.

How have you given your dwelling a much-deserved upgrade? Tell us all about your designs in the comments below!

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